Sunday, March 5, 2023

Watching the Weekenders and a Museum

Location: Cedar Ridge Campground (COE); Temple, Texas

It's Sunday morning and the weekenders are all packing up to go back home so they can go to work tomorrow. It seems like every campground has different types of weekenders. One group here is an older couple with their adult children and grandchildren. The grandparents are staying in a used pop-up trailer they are trying out to see if they will buy it from Craig's list. It's nice of the owner to let them try it out. Their adult children and grandkids are staying in a tent set up near the pop-up. I met the grandfather when I saw they were having trouble with their water heater and went over to see if I could help. After we got the water heater working, I said my goodbyes and was walking back to Liberty2 when they invited me to have supper with them. I thanked them, but declined. I didn't want to interrupt their weekend time with kids/grandkids. They were generally quiet. That is opposed to the two RV's across the road from them. Those people were middle aged and had their teenage kids with them. In total, there must have been about a dozen people. A little whooping and hollering, but not too much. There was about an hour where they thought everyone in the campground liked their music so much they played it loud enough for everyone to hear. All in all, they weren't bad weekenders. 

It takes a good hour, with all hands working, for them to break camp. It makes for some interesting people watching. Most all of them will be gone by noon and the campground occupancy will drop to about 20% from nearly 90%. They cycle repeats itself when Friday evening rolls around again. 
This is looking downstream from the boat ramp area. The boat ramp is almost dry but is still open. It is one of two in the campground with the other one wide open and crowded. 

This is another hard to access dam structure. Although they let you drive across the top of the dam, it is restricted access to the backside of the dam. With the lake a little low, there probably only a minimum water being release. 

I saw this on the way to the museum. I looked for a place to park but since it was Saturday and the courthouse square is surrounded with thriving small businesses, there wasn't any parking. So I settled from second best and got this shot while stopped at a redlight. 

I've said many times that I've become jaded to small town museums, but I can't help myself, I keep going to them. I saw, online, a local one in the town of Belton. It was close by, check,,,, it was free,,,, double check,,,, and one of the pictures of the entrance had Carnegie carved above the door,,,,, triple check. Let's go.

It was a typical small town museum. Lots of stuff that had been donated by local families. It did have an interesting section as to  archaeology digs in the area. It was a nice way to spend about an hour and learn a few things. On the 1 to 10 scale, it ranked about a 6. It polished off some of the sharp edges of my "jadedness". 
I got to the museum around 11:00 am and was the only visitor. I wandered around for about an hour. The thing that enticed me to visit was the word "Carnegie" over the door. I suspected it was one of the original 2,509 libraries built by Andrew Carnegie. The curator confirmed my suspicions but they don't elaborate about it in any section of the museum. Strange.

Today is day 3 of 4 here and not sure what my plans are for the day. The weather is great, so I may just hang around the campground and do a little walking. 

Ya'll take care of each other. 
Maybe I'll Cya down the road.

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