Monday, March 27, 2023

Goodbye Magnolia Beach, Hello Mustang Island

Location: Mustang Island State Park; Corpus Christi, Texas

This will be a short post just as a page keeper of campground arrivals.

I left Magnolia Beach yesterday around 11:00 with a 113 mile tow to Mustang Island State Park. I had a nice stop about half way at a Dairy Queen for lunch. Healthy, healthy.

Sunrise on the last day at Magnolia Beach. Really peaceful way to enjoy morning coffee

The last sunset at Magnolia. 

Mustang Island was the destination I set back in February. When traveling, I set a destination point and slowly work my way to that point with many stops along the way. On this trip, there have been eleven intermediate stops before arriving here. This is my third time at Mustang Island and I'll be here for 5 days. If the weather and tides cooperate, I hope to get some sunrise pictures while driving on the beach like I've done before. 

From the first time I camped here, it has been one of the good vibe locations that I've found around the country. I need to post that list one day. It seems as though stress and worry doesn't exist here, at least not for me.

After getting Liberty2 set up on the outside and turning the A/C on (that I missed at Magnolia), I had to go check out the beach. Being Sunday, there were about a dozen people on the beach and a couple of tent campers. I was able to dive to a lonely spot to sit for a while before going back to finish setting up camp.

I'm camped next to an Rpod from Kentucky. I wonder what the odds of that happening.

My campsite.

Two Rpod's camped next to each. More of that "serendipity" that I've mentioned before. Kentucky on the left, Louisiana on the right. 

The weather is suppose to be overcast with an increasing chance of rain tomorrow. I may use one of this two days to take care of some shopping in Corpus Christi. Unless I get lost, I'll also try to get a good look at the major bridge construction going on downtown.

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road. 


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