Thursday, September 29, 2022

Changes, Downsizing and Liberty is for sale

Location: New Rockdale RV Park; Mansfield, Louisiana 

Well, it's been a while since I've made a post and some people were a little worried. Medically, everything is fine. No one in the immediate family has been sick or come down with Covid. There have been a few minor things, but nothing significant. 

Changes are coming, finally! I ordered my new RV back in May and it has finally been built and delivered to the dealership. It was built during the last week of August and is the first production run of the 2023 model year. The dealership is in Trenton, Ohio and named Couch's RV Nation. They are supposedly the largest online RV dealer in the country. I'm not new to online dealerships since I dealt with one before buying Liberty. I chose another Forest River product since I have been completely satisfied with how Liberty has performed over the last nine years.

Hopefully, this will be a link to a very good Youtube showing the model I'm getting. >>>>>

The new RV is a 2023 Forest River R-pod model 201. Compared to Liberty, she is a travel trailer instead of a fifth wheel, she is about 3,000 pounds lighter, 5 feet shorter in length and 2 feet shorter in height. She has ZERO slides compared to Liberty's 2. I will get into a deeper description in future posts after I pick her up. I leave Saturday, October 1, 2022 to head to Ohio to get her. I plan to get to the dealership early on Monday the 3rd to finalize the deal and tour the unit with their technician. Around noon, I'll head to General Butler State Park near Carrollton, Kentucky which is about 100 miles from the dealership. I'll stay there for two days while checking out the systems to make sure everything is working. If something is wrong and it is major, I'll return to the dealership. If it is something minor that I can take care of at a reasonable cost, then I'll head home after the two days. I plan to stop at Charleston, Missouri and Texarkana, Arkansas for one night each, before returning to Mansfield on Friday, the 7th. Hopefully, after a couple scheduled doctor's appointments and a quick sale of Liberty, I'll be back on the road doing some more exploring of this great country of ours.

Now that I have a set date to pick up the new RV, Liberty is officially for sale. I've had her up on Facebook Marketplace for a few months with the disclaimer that she wouldn't be for sale until a couple of weeks after I received my new RV. Someone is going to get a sweet deal with her. In the marketplace ad I listed everything that I know of that is wrong with her. Included in the sale will be my Reese Elite fifth wheel hitch, 50 amp surge guard, a full set of brake hub assemblies (I never got around to installing them) and an assortment of other things. A side benefits is the buyer can read this blog to see where all Liberty has been as well as anything that has happened to her. It's all about transparency. I will walk away after selling Liberty with a clear conscious knowing the buyer got a great deal. That clear conscious is worth more to me than money. That doesn't mean I'll just give her away, it will be a fair price. 

Although I'm anxious to hit the road in the new RV, it was kind of sad putting the for sale sign on Liberty. 

I intend to take my laptop with me when I go to pick up the new RV so I should be able to make some posts on the way back home. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.