Friday, March 3, 2023

Moving Day, a Sign & Buc-ee's

 Location: Cedar Ridge Campground (COE); Temple, Texas

The wind advisory officially ended at 10:00 am this morning so I scheduled my departure for around 11 or 12. The tow was only about 60 miles so I could leave as late as check-out time which was 2:00 pm. But, since someone probably had reservations for my campsite, I wanted to leave by noon in case they got there early. The majority of the tow was on Interstate 35. After getting on the interstate, I realized I hadn't traveled on interstate since I exited off of I-20 on day 1 of this trip which was almost 3 weeks ago. That is unusual for me since one of my rules is to tow on the interstates and explore on the blue highways. I don't know what's happened to me, I broke my rule about the laundromat and now about interstate towing. I wonder what rule will bite the dust next. It's worrisome.

I made one stop today and it was at a Buc-ee's. I didn't need gas although they have 120 gas pumps at this location. What I wanted and what I had been hankering for, was their chopped beef sandwich and banana pudding. I wasn't disappointed, it was great and the weather was perfect for eating it in the parking lot. A good sign happened while I was eating. A guy pulled up next to me towing a Rockwood fifth wheel. Not the same model and year as Liberty, but in the ball park. We chatted for a few minutes. I took it as a good sign.

That row of gas pumps is one of two. 120 pumps and cars everywhere. No 18 wheelers allowed in the parking lot and no truck pumps. For my Yankee friends, the place is pronounced "Buck-ease". It's a destination place if you're in Texas. 

After taking a few bites I decided to take a picture. I also noticed the nanner pudding was a "large" one which implied there is a "small" one. I didn't see the small one. Getting the large was OK, especially after the very pretty middle age woman with deep blue eyes that twinkled when she smiled said they were fat-free, calorie-free, cholesterol-free. I really don't remember what all she said after "Hi". 

I've been to the campground before. It was a little more than three years ago. But this campground is so large and since I'm staying in a different loop, it's all new. I've reread my posts from back then, and the two campsites are equal as to how good they are. There isn't a lot to explore in this area but I'll give it a shot. 

Pretty good campsite for $12.00 per night, uh?

Cedar Creek is running a little low like most places in central Texas. It flows into Belton Lake.

Nice shot looking upstream toward the boat ramp.

There are helicopters constantly flying over the campground. I know I'm on the edge of Fort Hood, but the amount of helicopters is surprising. The beat, beat, beat of the rotors have me flashing back to my Navy days. One of my duties was to talk to the pilots on the radio during flight ops. I was near their landing circle on the ship and we exchanged important information and coordinated our decisions. Flight ops were never routine, everyone was on their toes and had their s&%$ together. Oh well, that was another life and I was a different person. Ha,,,, I just remembered something from back then. Do you know the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story?? A fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time,,," and a sea story begins with "And this is no sh$$,,,". 

I plan to check out the dam tomorrow if I can get to it as well as find a place to eat lunch. I saw a sign for Cracker Barrel, I may give them a chance to redeem their reputation.

Sunset picture number 1

Sunset picture number 2

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road.  


  1. I sure like those foldout steps the new trailers have now days Darrell. Every trailer I ever bought had the old-style pullout steps, including the Arctic Fox, and I've had to repair everyone, sometimes more than once. Their shaky, squeaky, and tend to break somewhere after a few years of use.


    1. Hello Tom, good hearing from you. I hope you're still enjoying your Truck Camper, it seems like you do on your blog. Great pictures. Yes, the steps are strong and sturdy but like most everything in life, they come with their own problems. Since they are connected to the RV at the inside of the door, the RV has to be very level or slightly higher on the passenger side or the steps block the door from closing properly. I've gotten used to it now and checking steps is the first thing I do when setting up camp. I also carry some 1X8's to lift the passenger side 3/4 inches when needed.