Monday, March 20, 2023

Goose Island State Park, Texas Gulf Coast

Location: Goose Island State Park; near Rockport, Texas

The tow was right at 100 miles on pretty smooth roads. Texas does a good job on most of their roads, right down to the Farm to Market roads. I had a gas/pit stop planned at an Exxon at about the half way point. As I pulled in to the gas station, there was a paramedic unit near a pickup in the ditch by the gas station. No one seemed to be seriously injured, so I went on about my business. By the time I finished pumping gas there were two fire engines, an ambulance and two fire chief cars. There wasn't any fire. And they were all parked at the second exit to the gas station which was my exit. With it blocked, I would have to back up the way I entered and try to make a sharp turn to leave by the side driveway. Everything worked out good and as I got back on the highway and passed the accident scene I would see the skid marks. It looked like the drivers slammed on his brakes and steered to avoid something. Oh well, he seemed to be OK, so I continued.

The sky was trying to clear and let the blue shine through. This is the tail end of the cold front that blew thru Yoakum.

You suddenly break out into the coastal plains. If you've been to the coast before, you can tell you're close. I could sense it. It will be a good stop.

I've stayed at Goose Island State Park before. It was back in January of 2015 when I was just starting my first western swing. I camped in one of the bayside campsites. It was the time when I got lucky with a picture of the water in the bay visually disappearing. It was definitely one of the "wows" of my travels. There were no bayside campsites available when I made these reservations, so I'm camped in the wooded area. It is like snuggling under the covers, except in this case it's coastal oaks. I'll be here for 5 days and have a couple of explorations planned. The weather is long pants weather, but a warming trend thru the next few days.

The welcoming committee at Goose Island. I saw this herd twice. Once, here as I was entering the park and later on my way back to the park from getting something to eat. I counted 15 in all. All about the same size. 

The one lane road leading into the campground. In places it is like a tree tunnel. I saw two trees that I didn't get a picture of, but will look for them again.

Liberty2 nestled in her campsite. Big ole Liberty may have seemed too big for this campsite. I hope she's still doing good.  

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 


  1. I lived in Portland TX for ten years and left in 08. My area with the pipeline was from the Rio Grande River to the Houston area. Sure hated to leave that area but my folks needed some help in Okla. I've gotta get back down there. Sure miss it!!
    Don in Okla.

    1. Hello Don. I hope this post and some of the next ones brings back good memories. I'll be in this area for about 2 weeks. Stay warm up there in OK.