Saturday, March 11, 2023

Nothing Much at a So-So Campground

 Location: Cedar Breaks COE Campground; Georgetown, Texas

Today is Day 4 at this campground and is also moving day. I haven't made a post since I got here because I haven't found anything to explore. One place I thought about going was a sculpture garden in a town named Cedar Park. I'm usually on the look-out for places like that ever since I stumbled on the ones in Wausau, Wisconsin and Loveland, Colorado. But after reading the reviews about this one in Cedar Park and talking to some locals about it, I decided it wasn't worth the trip. One review was especially convincing, when it said, "don't make this sculpture garden a destination, but it is worth it if you just  happen to be in the area". I had to make a change in plans. I had also heard about a great Reuben Sandwich at a small delicatessen about 15 miles away. I haven't had a good one is a very long time, even though I've attempted to make them myself. So, off I went, with hunger in my belly and hopes of finding a great sandwich. After missing a turn, I finally found the place. It was small alright. There was one table inside which looked more for decoration than eating. I looked at the menu on the wall but couldn't find the Reuben. The nice young lady behind the counter could tell I was puzzled, so she told be about their special. After politely listening, but not hearing, I asked about the Reuben. Her answer was surprising. They only serve Reubens on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She said it was because they don't want sauerkraut as an ingredient everyday. I guess that made sense, but I was really disappointed. It would have been nice had they posted that fact on their webpage. Oh well, the small hometown cafes in Hinckley, Minnesota and Freeport, Texas will remain as numbers 1 & 2. 

Except for H-E-B and Walmart, I haven't found anything that has captured my interest in terms of exploring. And, that's sad because my next campground is just across the lake from this one so I will be in the general area for another four days. I was somewhat forced to stay in this area when I was making reservations. Spring break is about to be in full swing around here and there weren't any vacancies, down the road, in the type of campgrounds I like.

This is a first for me. Most campgrounds are having a hard time finding camp hosts to man the gatehouses. Since this campground is by on-line reservation only, they can just clip your ID card for your windshield to your campsite number. Like the 60's song, it's just a "sign of the times". (Extra points if you remember the singer without googling)

Nice looking campsite uh? For some reason, I haven't felt comfortable with it. Not super bad mojo, but average bad mojo.

Typical lake picture from taken from about 100 feet from the campsite.

One good thing about the campsite is this view from my laptop work location. It's a nice and peaceful view.
I felt like a pirate finding treasure at the H-E-B. There was enough to make several great meals for what seemed like a cheap $50.00. I double checked my receipt to make sure I didn't miss something when checking myself out. If it hard to see in the picture, there are flat iron steak pinwheels, NY strip steak, Shrimp scampi, potato salad, mushrooms, tortillas, pico de gallo, a salad, shredded chicken, strawberries and bananas. 

You can tell that it is a poor exploration location when I post a picture of my grocery shopping,,,, but I was really happy with it and it all tasted great. Way to go H-E-B.

I hope the next campground has better vibes than this one. Something just doesn't feel right here. We will see. 

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road.


  1. Your vibes are right. Don't fight them. Happens over here in my trailer also.

  2. I'd have to ask myself, "how far am I from Freeport, Texas?". But then I have made a food establishment the reason for a trip before... :-)