Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
I travel in Freedom but sleep in the security of Liberty (not only on the road, but in this amazing country of ours)

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Almost back to Homebase

 Location: Sunrise RV Park; Texarkana, Arkansas

I'm on the last leg of the return trip from picking up Liberty2. Only about 120 miles left to go. It will be good to slow down for a couple of days cause I feel like I've been on fast-forward for a while. The trip has been productive since I've found a few things to fix and/or modify on the new RV. In RV'ing, there's always something. Yeah, I could take it to a dealer for a couple of things, but now-a-days it takes weeks, if not months, to get parts ordered and service completed. Easier and quicker to do it yourself, even if it costs a little bit. Oh well, hopefully it will keep me busy but also not prevent me from getting back on the road. 

My plan (we know how those turn out) is to park Liberty2 next to Liberty so I can move out of one and into the other. Two main items needed in Liberty2 is my old mattress topper and a new recliner. Both will do wonders for my back. I figure I will either throw away or donate a lot of stuff due to downsizing. Once I'm moved out of Liberty, I hope to sell her quickly. She has been up on Facebook Marketplace for a few months with a "For Sale Soon" sign. Well, "soon" is almost here. I've been reducing the price every couple of weeks and have had a few dozen contacts with about 20 that are serious. We will see how it goes but I won't be holding on to her in hopes of getting a higher price. Someone is going to get a very good deal.

I know these past couple of posts have been sub-par, but there has been so much new stuff swirling around in my head it has been hard to focus it into a blog. And since I'm just a simple man, I'll post a couple of pictures before showering and hitting the road.

Yep, those are cinnamon rolls. There is a R-pod Facebook group that has a bunch of fanatical members. These are hardcore R-pod fans. I've learned a few things from them since they are all open and honest about their thoughts, problems and solutions. One of their "rites-of-passage" (hazing) is to bake cinnamon rolls in the R-pod convection/microwave oven. So, not wanting to suffer their wraith, I bought an aluminum pan from the Dollar Store and a roll of Great Value (Walmart) brand rolls with cream cheese icing. Actually, they turned out a lot better than I thought they would. I look forward to trying biscuits next. Although Liberty had a propane oven, I only used it a couple times because it was difficult to use. One check mark for Liberty2. :)

This is from the campground 400 miles back. It is Boomland RV Park in Charleston, Missouri. If you're passing through the boothill of Missouri, it is a great place to stop for the night. $20 for full hook-ups. Honor system. Very convenient. I've stayed there a few times in the past. 

This is the campsite at Sunrise RV Park where I'm at now. It's not too bad, but about 1 1/2 times the price of Boomland for basically the same amenities. I'm surprised about the amount of Interstate traffic noise. There must be something wrong with the pavements.
No time for proof reading. Excuse any typo's, grammer, etc.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll CYA down the road. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Day 1 of Liberty-2

 Location: General Butler State Park; Carrollton, Kentucky

I'm tired. I guess I'm out of travel shape since I've been sitting around getting fat (actually lost weight) and lazy. This post will get me caught up on the two travel days to pick up my new RV which I think I will call Liberty-2. It will also include the three days and nights at the campground after picking her up. 

I packed up everything I could fit into Freedom and left Mansfield early on October 1, 2022 headed to Trenton, Ohio to pick up my new Forest River R-Pod 201. The travel distance was a little over 900 miles and since I'm older and wiser, I split the time up into two days. The first days stop was in Kattawa, Kentucky at a Day's Inn. While being bored at the motel, I started going over things in my mind that I may have forgotten to pack. Yeah, yeah, I made a list, in fact it was an electronic list on my phone. But, I couldn't remember for sure if I had packed my temperature gun to check the hub temps on the new RV. So, I found a Harbor Freight in Louisville and bought a new one on my way to the second motel. The second stop was at a Quality Inn in Carrollton, Kentucky which coincidentally is the location of the campground I'm at now. I purposely chose this motel location so I could drop by the campground to check things out before arriving with the RV. It was a good thing too. The campsite looked good, but I could see I needed more water hose since I had only brought 25 feet. One reason I chose this town and campground was due to a Walmart being close by. I headed to there to buy some more water hose. I'll be headed back there today to stock up on a few things now that I have the RV to put them in. 

I picked Liberty-2 up at RV Nation and spent about an hour or so with their technician going over things. Most of the items I was already familiar with since they were the same on Liberty. Some were new like solar panel, solar controller, inverter etc. I should have asked more question of the technician but I trusted him when he said they checked out all of the systems. I've since found two things wrong. One is very little pressure in the shower. This usually means some screen blocked with bits of plastic when the factory cut holes in the tanks. I removed the hoses and showerhead but that didn't solve the problem. Liberty2 has/had a "watermiser" in the shower which recycles water back to the fresh water tank until hot water reaches the shower. For years I have been doing manual by catching the shower water in a pitcher until it gets hot then using that saved water to flush the toilet as needed. I figured there must be a screen in the showermiser but couldn't find it. I called the company and talked with a nice technician named Gus. He talked me through a few things to checked but nothing solved the problem. I tried to remove the miser but couldn't. So Gus suggested removing the faucet assembly in order to remove the miser. I didn't like that idea because if I screwed something up behind the wall, it would be a major ordeal and I would be shower-less until I fixed it. So, using all of my engineering background, I solved the problem by buying a hack saw and removing the water-miser by cutting it away. Problem solved, water pressure restored. Adapt and overcome. 

The second problem is my water heater isn't working on propane. It does work great on electric so this problem is on the back burner. 

I thought about taking Liberty2 back to the dealer for repairs but decided against it since it could be days to order parts, schedule work, etc. I should be able to eventually fix everything at minimal cost.

Since Liberty2 is a bumper pull, that meant a new hitch up process and equipment. Also, the back-up camera on Freedom has started working intermittently. It is probably a dirty connection on the wiring harness, but I haven't really tried to pry it loose yet. So, instead, my plan B is use the tennis balls on radio antennas to line me for hitching up. I tried it at the dealer and it worked pretty good. It will take a little more practice, but it will eventually work out.

I'm too tired to write more. I have a lot to write but not right now.

This is the bridge I wanted to check out on the way to pick up Liberty2. After meeting an 18 wheeler in the middle I decided to go back to Louisiana by another route.

First site of Liberty2. In fact it the first site of an R-pod 201. I bought it without seeing one in person. 

Hitch meets ball. I checked how much Freedom would squat under the load. I was hoping she would do OK because I didn't want to get a load distribution hitch. Freedom's rear end squatted 1 inch and her front end only rose 1/4 inch. All should be good to go.

Hitched up in front of the dealership.

Walking to her to pull out and hit the road. The first miles of many, I hope.

Her first campsite. It was a easy angle to back in to but she backed easier than Liberty. The hitch didn't want to let go of the ball which was frustrating. I eased forward and back but didn't work. Eventually, she let go. There looked to be some galled marks on the ball. I put some lithium grease on the ball and will see how she does on the next leg home

 Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Changes, Downsizing and Liberty is for sale

Location: New Rockdale RV Park; Mansfield, Louisiana 

Well, it's been a while since I've made a post and some people were a little worried. Medically, everything is fine. No one in the immediate family has been sick or come down with Covid. There have been a few minor things, but nothing significant. 

Changes are coming, finally! I ordered my new RV back in May and it has finally been built and delivered to the dealership. It was built during the last week of August and is the first production run of the 2023 model year. The dealership is in Trenton, Ohio and named Couch's RV Nation. They are supposedly the largest online RV dealer in the country. I'm not new to online dealerships since I dealt with one before buying Liberty. I chose another Forest River product since I have been completely satisfied with how Liberty has performed over the last nine years.

Hopefully, this will be a link to a very good Youtube showing the model I'm getting. >>>>>

The new RV is a 2023 Forest River R-pod model 201. Compared to Liberty, she is a travel trailer instead of a fifth wheel, she is about 3,000 pounds lighter, 5 feet shorter in length and 2 feet shorter in height. She has ZERO slides compared to Liberty's 2. I will get into a deeper description in future posts after I pick her up. I leave Saturday, October 1, 2022 to head to Ohio to get her. I plan to get to the dealership early on Monday the 3rd to finalize the deal and tour the unit with their technician. Around noon, I'll head to General Butler State Park near Carrollton, Kentucky which is about 100 miles from the dealership. I'll stay there for two days while checking out the systems to make sure everything is working. If something is wrong and it is major, I'll return to the dealership. If it is something minor that I can take care of at a reasonable cost, then I'll head home after the two days. I plan to stop at Charleston, Missouri and Texarkana, Arkansas for one night each, before returning to Mansfield on Friday, the 7th. Hopefully, after a couple scheduled doctor's appointments and a quick sale of Liberty, I'll be back on the road doing some more exploring of this great country of ours.

Now that I have a set date to pick up the new RV, Liberty is officially for sale. I've had her up on Facebook Marketplace for a few months with the disclaimer that she wouldn't be for sale until a couple of weeks after I received my new RV. Someone is going to get a sweet deal with her. In the marketplace ad I listed everything that I know of that is wrong with her. Included in the sale will be my Reese Elite fifth wheel hitch, 50 amp surge guard, a full set of brake hub assemblies (I never got around to installing them) and an assortment of other things. A side benefits is the buyer can read this blog to see where all Liberty has been as well as anything that has happened to her. It's all about transparency. I will walk away after selling Liberty with a clear conscious knowing the buyer got a great deal. That clear conscious is worth more to me than money. That doesn't mean I'll just give her away, it will be a fair price. 

Although I'm anxious to hit the road in the new RV, it was kind of sad putting the for sale sign on Liberty. 

I intend to take my laptop with me when I go to pick up the new RV so I should be able to make some posts on the way back home. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

More Sunsets and Trip Wrap-up

 Location: Rocky Point Campground (COE); near Texarkana, Texas

My three day extension at this campground worked out well and was the right decision. At least so far. I won't know for sure until I pull into my home base campground in Mansfield, Louisiana tomorrow around noon or so. The predicted high temperature for Mansfield tomorrow is 77 degrees while today's is near 90. The six days here has been a great transition from constant traveling and moving campground every day to staying put for a little while. It takes a different mindset to be moving frequently. So this campground helped me get my "mind right". Wait a minute, that doesn't sound just right. I may have to re-word that so it doesn't sound like I'm completely partially crazy.

The sunsets keep coming at this campground and my new campsite is better than the first one. This site has trees on the west side of Liberty which provides really good shade from the afternoon sun. The first site was wide open and the sun hit her broadside. The first site would be nice for fall or spring when the temperatures are a little cooler but the second site is perfect for now. Both campsites are great for viewing sunsets. This stop was to de-compress from traveling and it has done a good job of that. I will definitely put this campground on my list of places to stay again.

View out Liberty's door on the last night at campsite #1

Campsite #2.
The trees help shade against the afternoon sun.

The beginning of the first sunset at the second campsite

Still the first sunset, second campsite. Those are three kayak'ers racing the sun to shore.

Final sunset of the first sunset at the second campsite.
(wow, this is getting confusing now.)



First the numbers:

Liberty has been towed a little over 3,600 miles. The trip lasted 66 nights and we have camped in 21 campgrounds. That works out to an average of about 3 nights per campground. 

The breakdown of campgrounds is:

11 - Corps of Engineers (COE)

 4 - State Parks

 2 - Fairgrounds

 1 - Bureau of Reclamation (BoR)

 1 - Private

 1 - Indian Casino

 1 - City Owned

The average price per night at all of the campgrounds was $16.68/night. But, the number I really like is the average price for the COE and BoR campgrounds was $10.83. In a remarkable coincidence, the $10.83 is exactly, to the penny, the amount I pay at my home base campground ($325/month = $10.83/day). I think that is an amazing coincidence but I'm not sure about it significance yet. Still thinking about it. 

Memorable/noteworthy things from the trip:

North and South Dakota had great scenery along with mostly good roads. The Missouri River Campgrounds were among the best. 

The place I wished I stayed longer and also had the most things to explore was the Davenport, Iowa area. This surprised me. 

The place I wished I had stayed less or even not stopped at all was in Bismark, North Dakota. The town and campground just had a bad vibe. 

The best little town with the best vibe was Ottawa, Illinois.

I visited my old hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri again on this trip. It was nice seeing the places along the Mississippi River where I sat as a teenager and planned out a few steps of my life. It was at those locations where I decided to enlist in the Navy and also to eventually become a Civil Engineer. As expected and as usual, the river talked to me about my life and future. The rest of the town, and even the Church I attended as a teenager, didn't have the same "draw on my emotions" as they have in past trips. I'm still digesting what that all means.

Sunset #3 at this campground

Sunset #3.
I have a feeling this will be the last good sunset since the clouds are all suppose to move east. A clear sky won't be as nice. 

Tomorrow is moving day and after about 125 miles, I'll pull into my home base campground. I'll try not to think about traveling until at least after Thanksgiving. After that, we will see. As I asked in the last post, maybe 50,000 miles is enough?

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.  

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mostly Sunsets plus a Covid Test

 Location: Rocky Point Campground (Corps of Engineers); near Texarkana, Texas

This is the last campground before getting back to my home base in Louisiana. I am camped on the banks of Lake Wright Patman about 20 miles south of Texarkana. I think this campsite is one of the best that I've stayed in when it comes to watching sunsets.

Freedom, Liberty and a Sunset.


Typical East Texas 

I saw two long convoys.
 God Bless our Troops

Pretty good campsite, uh? Water/Electric for $13.00. Oh, the view is included in the price.

The tree doesn't provide much shade, but it looks nice.

View out Liberty's door.

The setting sun reflecting off of Liberty

Sunset on the first night

The lake was calm as the sun was setting.

A pretty blue-ish color with a reddish glow. 

I haven't done much of anything since getting here. Mostly, I'm just hanging out and enjoying the view. What little exploring I've done has been around the dam. I won't post any pictures of it since it is the typical earthen dam that we've seen so many times on this trip. It is not a hydro-dam which is a little disappointing. 

I was able to find a nice bench overlooking the lake.

I'm on day 12 of my self-diagnosed Bronchitis and each day is a day of improvement. As it's been through most of the sickness, my main symptom has been coughing up phlegm. The phlegm is not coming from my lungs because they are clear with no rattling. I have no problems taking deep breaths without coughing. I am pretty sure it is just bronchitis and the coughing will last another week or two. But, since I'll be home in a couple of days, I figured it would be nice to rule out Covid before seeing the family. It would not be nice to bring Covid back with me. So, I went online and found a CVS pharmacy that does drive-thru Covid testing. It was real easy. I answered some questions online and picked an appointment time. I was about 30 minutes away, so off I went. When I got there, the testing was at their drive-thru window. After proving who I was by answering some of their questions, they gave me the test kit. I used the swab, put it back in a test tube, dropped the kit in a box and drove off. Two days later I got the results texted to my cell phone. As I expected, the test was Negative. But now, I have a nationwide pharmacy agreeing with me. :)

I was originally schedule to leave this campground today and head home. But after looking at the weather forecast I decided to extend my stay here another three days. I guess I can suffer through three more sunsets. The only kicker is I need to change campsites since someone reserved mine before I decided to stay. It's not a problem. I'm used to moving after a few days so this will feel normal. My next campsite is only 4 campsites away. I'll probably move sometime before noon. I'll get home on Wednesday afternoon. The forecast shows a high temperature on Wednesday of 77 degrees, with mid-range humidity compared to 87 degree and high humidity on Tuesday. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I'll be bringing a real, live cold front with me.

50,000 miles on Liberty and 146,643 on Freedom

When I first hit the road back in April of 2014, I expected my towing and exploring mileage to be about equal. They were for the first two to three years, but due to crazy 2020 and other things, my exploring mileage is now about 3 times my towing mileage. I wonder if 50,000 miles is enough??????

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Crossed the Red River to Texas

 Location: Sanders Cove COE Campground; Powderly, Texas about an hour or so northeast of Dallas

To Texans, crossing the Red River used to be a very big deal back in the old west. It meant you were safely home in Texas after being in the lawless states north of Texas. I was born a Texan but became a Louisianniean Lousianian person from Louisiana back in 1979. The Red looked a little dry when I crossed it the other day. I've been seeing a lot of rain happening downstream towards Louisiana so hopefully it won't be a dry fall. 

As I predicted in my last post, it was a little tight getting out of my last campsite. I was concerned about Liberty's roof and side kissing trees and limbs. We had about a foot clearance and Freedom was in "super slow grandma gear" as we went by the troublesome tree. But all's well that ends well. We got out, threw our trash in the dumpster, pulled out on the highway and nearly got hit by an eighteen wheeler. It may not have been as close as it felt, but I guess I could have waited for the rig to pass before pulling out, but didn't. As I was taught in the Navy and have continued since then, there are no excuses, only reasons. The reason I almost got hit was I decided to take the chance and pull out on the highway instead of waiting because of the uphill grade of the campground driveway. I figured from that uphill-ness, it would be better to hit the highway while rolling instead of from a dead stop. Luckily, there was a really wide shoulder across the highway which allowed me to go almost straight across before turning into my lane. The 18 wheeler didn't blow his horn, slam on his brakes or swerve onto his shoulder, so like I said, all's well that ends well. Of course, I fretted over it for an hour or so just to make sure I don't do that again. Or if I do, do it the same way since it all worked out. Does that make sense???

Plenty of room so far, but the road curves to the left.

It's just a matter of how much side-tracking we do while still passing under the limbs to want to be introduced to Liberty A/C units. Notice the short campsite to the left. It would be interesting to know how many times it's been used this year.

Have to look at it from all angles

From Navy days, this is the CPA (closest point of approach). To tight for comfort, but it worked out ok.

This horse fly was one of dozens who would swarm in the afternoon but be gone by evening. I wasn't bitten by any so I called them peaceful.

Anyway, I made it to this campground on Lake Mayse which is about 10 miles north of Paris, Texas. It's another older Corps of Engineers campground from the 60's. Some of the sites have concrete slabs while others have gravel. The first impression of the campsites are they looked jumbled up in the trees. How in the world can someone back into a site with so many trees. Then as you focus on an individual site, you can see that someone thought about the layout necessary for an RV to back into it and created a pathway. Each site is actually a pretty easy back-in. I was very impressed. It was like an optical illusion.

The roads got smoother as I was leaving Oklahoma

It was a nice weather-day to be traveling

It looks like Liberty is trapped in the trees again, uh?

But nope. Each campsite has their little path to get in and out. I was really impressed. Water/Electric for $11.00 a night.

The lake is another typical Corp Lake. The main difference is there aren't any gates to control the water level like most of the other lakes we've camped at. This lake is controlled by a water inlet/control structure nicknamed a "glory hole". Just a big pipe, standing on end going straight down then turns under the dam to empty into a stream/river. They aren't commonly used and work really good on lakes that maintain a somewhat constant water level. That is done by reaching a balance between evaporation/use and water intake (rain, river, etc). I'm not sure if that is the case on this lake or not. It may be the designer just liked glory hole water structures. The best example of a lake reaching a balance is Crater Lake in Oregon. The only water entering the lake is from rain and snow. The only water leaving the lake is through evaporation. However, the water level is almost constant.

The official overlook. It seems every lake has one.

A pretty lake on a pretty day

The Glory Hole.
Looks like the lake is about a foot low.

This was another two day stay at this campground. Two days is enough since I don't feel like doing any long distance exploring and there isn't much to see close by. However, I did explore the local Dairy Queen. It is the cleanest one I've ever been in and the banana split was great. My type II diabetes said the treat was probably OK, so I felt absolutely no, zero, none, nada only slightly guilty.

Today is moving day and I'm headed to the last Corps of Engineer campground on this trip. It will be on Lake Wright-Patman near Texarkana. I feel very lucky in that I think I reserved the very best campsite in the campground and possibly the best one on this entire trip. After seeing the picture of the site, I reserved three days and will use them to enjoy the view and hopefully get another great sunset. This time, I'll be able to see it from Liberty's door, maybe. I'll also use the time to decompress from travel mode, think about things from the last two months, maybe do a trip recap and just chill out.

The souvenir from the only exploration at this stop.
I'm sure I'll carry it with me for many, many years. I miss the boat shaped dishes from my childhood.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Maybe Trapped?? No Tires! but a Nice Sunset

Location: Highway 9 Landing Campground (COE), near Eufaula, Oklahoma

This campground is on Lake Eufaula which was created back in the 1960's by placing a hydro-electric dam on the Canadian River. It is a beautiful and large lake. The overall campground is split in two by Highway 9. They should either close the side I'm in or do some serious upgrading. It doesn't appear to have been upgraded since the 60's. Several campsites are almost impossible to use except by tent campers. Once I drove to my campsite and saw it, I should have said, "Nope, ain't even gonna try to get in there". But I guess I had a fleeting moment of hardheadedness (sure glad it isn't permanent) or maybe I can blame it on the remnants of my sickness. Either one, may have caused me to regret staying in this great campsite. I was able to get in without causing any damage to either Freedom or Liberty but I'm not really sure I can get back out. You would think, if you can get in then you can get out. But that isn't always true when towing a trailer. In this case it depends on the angle between the road and a certain tree, as well as how far to the side I can go without hitting some overhanging limbs. The overhanging limbs barely cleared Liberty on the way in but if there is any more sagging, she may get a back rub on the way out. We will see how it turns out but I've been very anxious ever since I set up camp in this great campsite overlooking the lake.

The cattle here in Oklahoma look skinnier and less healthy than the ones in the Dakotas and Iowa.

Great campsite uh? Top of the hill, shade tree and overlooking the lake. But Liberty couldn't pass under the limb on the left side of the tree we're parked under. So I had to pull into the empty campsite on the right and back her toward the lake then head back out far enough to back her into her final spot. Whew.

This is the entrance to the campsite. You can see the tree we're camped under in the middle of the picture in the distance. I walked this part, all the way back to the campsite, before putting Liberty in any danger. This is where I should have said, Nope. See the tree to the right side of the path before it turns to the right? That is the problem tree on the way out.

This is from the campsite looking at the path going out. The worrisome tree is now on the left and is the first one. Not too bad if I can get lined up in time to reduce the amount of sidetracking.

This one is taking from where we're camped. It shows the curve in the path while approaching the worrisome tree. Even knowing the risk of damage to Liberty, it will be a little exciting.

I've been looking for new tires since Iowa. They are for Liberty. Her current tires are about 3 years old. They have enough tread remaining but at least one has signs of small cracking between the treads. I've been looking for a place to pull in while hitched up and get new ones. I thought I had a place in South Dakota but got a bad vibe and didn't do it. I got a recommendation about a place in Sioux City, Iowa but that didn't work out either. Neither did the one near Topeka. I finally thought about getting her new tires at the same place I got the last ones. It was in McAlester, Oklahoma. It was the day I had the blowout on the Indian Nation Turnpike while on my way to Duluth and Lake Superior. They did a great job in a short amount of time. So it only made sense to schedule an appointment when I got closer and get it done. I made reservations at this campground and the next one so I could be at the tire place early one morning, get the tires on and still be at the next campground by the afternoon. That is one of the reasons why I've been only staying 2 days in the campgrounds lately. 

Well, things were going pretty good until I called the tire shop to schedule the appointment. I was calling 10 days before I would be there so as to give them plenty of time. But, instead of getting a scheduled time, I was told they only had one Goodyear Endurance tire and it was a year old. I asked if they could get 4 new ones before I got there and they said probably not. They hadn't received any Goodyear ST tires in months and months. All the Goodyear dealers around them were in the same boat. Apparently it will be late fall or early spring before Goodyear will make some more. I'm not sure if it is worker or material shortage. I'm not even sure yet if they were telling me the truth, but since they lost a sale of 4 tires, I can only assume they were truthful. Luckily, I started looking early enough so I have good enough tires to make it back to Louisiana. But,,,,, there's always a but isn't there. But, today is moving day and I'll be traveling over the Indian Nation Turnpike. The same turnpike that blew out one of Liberty's tires last time (notice how I blamed the turnpike). I hope by going south instead of north I will break the bad JuJu of the turnpike. I'll be looking for the spot where it happened.

Today is day 7 of my sickness and I am feeling much better. My fever topped out at 99.9 on day 3 and been below 99 for the last 2 days. According to Google, I shouldn't even consider it being a fever until it get over 100.4. I stopped for gas the other day and there was a very nice looking Redheaded woman getting gas at the next pump. I foolishly thought, I'll just ask her to feel my head and see if she thinks I'll be OK. After taking the first step towards her, I noticed her face looked like she was either mad at something or basically mean. So, I stopped and thought, "She may feel my head and lie to me about being OK since she is looking meaner by the minute". Whew, I dodged a bullet there. Anyway, I really didn't need her advice because I'm feeling much better. The coughing has decreased tremendously since yesterday. A few more days of healing and I'll be right as rain.   

"But, at the end of the day, there is always a sunset. You can't always see it, but it is always there." 

I liked the "sunset path" on the water. 

Another campsite situated just right for a sunset

No words

To me, sunsets are special

'Night, ya'll

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.