Sunday, February 1, 2015

Moving Day to Seminole Canyon SP; near Del Rio, Texas

Location: Seminole Canyon State Park; near Del Rio, Texas

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I had a 240 mile tow ahead of me as I pulled out of Lake Casa Blanca State Park and of course it was drizzling rain. I usually try to keep my moves to about 150 miles, but in this case, there wasn't much in between where I was and where I wanted to be, so 240 wasn't a bad mileage. It meant I would have to stop for fuel along the way but thanks to Google Earth I was able to find a couple gas stations that worked out fine. 

The rain stayed with me most of the way but once it started letting up, the fog took over. Luckily it was a high fog and never settled to the ground. All and all, it was a messy weather day. But, there is a silver lining in everything and the liquid sunshine was refreshing, especially with the cooler temperature. 

I arrived at Seminole Canyon State Park around 2:30 pm. My plans are to be here for 7 days but that may change as I keep an eye on the weather north of here. There is no cell signal at the campground but there is a semi-strong WiFi. It was intermittent yesterday evening but may have been due to many people logged on because the weather kept them inside. We will see how it works out today since the weather is suppose to be improving. There is a small museum at this park that looks pretty good and the terrain looks interesting. The plant life is similar to the Falcon area but not as dense. The landscape here has several canyons or deep ravines. There are several walking trails that originate in the campground and I'll be taking advantage of a couple of them. The longest, for me, should be about 3 miles which will require several stops along the way (to take pictures of course.) :)

There is another RV traveler/blogger staying at the campground. This will be the second one I've met along the way, with Malia Lane being the first back in Austin. The one here at the campground is Barney from whose blog is good reading. I've been checking in with his blog off and on for several years. He has traveled these parts extensively and know the area very well. 

There are very few pictures to this post, but hopefully if the weather clears and the Wifi holds up, there will be more to come soon. 
Typical landscape in this part of Texas

A nice slice of history at this roadway cut.

The road into the campground

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

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