Monday, February 2, 2015

Wrap up on Seminole Canyon SP, Moving Day Tomorrow

Location: Seminole Canyon State Park; near Del Rio, Texas

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It's been an enjoyable stay here at Seminole. The landscape, topography and geology is the triple feature of this place. You can gaze out into the distance and see nothing and see everything, both at the same time. I know that doesn't make sense, but it's true. This land wakes your senses up and makes you more alert to things around you. When looking out into the land, any motion will catch your eye and you will zoom right to where that motion occurred. It may simply be a jack-rabbit or a small hummingbird, but you see it. The same goes for your hearing. If you're close enough, it is the same reaction as with the sight, you hear something out of the ordinary and zero in on the sound. You learn quickly what is an out of the ordinary sight and sound. 

As I look out into the land, I am also looking into the past as I picture men on horses, just drifters passing through this area. The difficulty they had due to the somewhat barren land was offset by being free to roam. Most of the men that wandered in this area back then did so by choice. Much the same way RV travelers are doing so now a days. Tomorrow I will move down the road about 190 miles. 150 years ago, it would have taken a man, on horse, about 10 days to travel that distance. He would have to walk his horse to save it's energy in case they needed to run from trouble. If he bumped into some hostiles, it really wasn't a matter of who had the fastest horse, what matter most was who had the most rested horse. If your horse had just finished running, then you had no choice but to hope theirs had too or it is time for you to make your stand and fight. 

There are places in this land where you could easily hide an army of men in some of the dry washes and canyons. This why as men traveled around these parts, they did so in the galleys and washes. You never wanted to be on the highest point to where you would "sky line" yourself for others to see. You also didn't wear anything shiny that would glint in the sun and give your position away. To be undetected, was the goal and achieving that goal usually meant staying alive. 
Everything out here is in the extreme, even when a cloud rolls in, it's a big one. It slowly moved across the sky blotting out the sun. Almost spooky.

I took this one to show the gravel road against the fence line on the right. That is where the border patrol travels and/or sits and waits.

This taken from a high point in the campground. I walked up there late this evening and with the temperature dropping and the wind picking up, it was chilly. That is Liberty on the left and dead ahead in the distance is Old Mexico.

This is the campsite and view. 

There is a hiking walking trail just behind the welcome center/office. It is a little less than 1/2 miles and I really enjoyed it. Of course I was the only one on the trail so I could take my time and enjoy the surroundings in peace. The statue is a rendition of something. Only the artist probably knows for sure. 

Seminole Canyon

Looking back up the trail to the welcome center/office.

"Thinking benches" made out of natural material. :)

That is a cave with evidence of habitation by humans thousands of years ago, at least that is what they say. 

Modern "thinking bench" with the cave and welcome center/office in the background.

Most of the trail is similar to this. Not much more than a trail created by animals, which is probably what this was/is since it leads to water up ahead. In this part of the country, all trails will eventually get to water or a point where water used to be located.

Another "thinking bench". This time it is comes with natural shade. There is a natural spring just down in the canyon. I wonder how many people over the centuries have sat there and wondered about things like I did?  One of those "wow" places.

The trail ends at a windmill and water tank. It is appropriate since the windmill is a sign of life. Not only because someone alive built it, but it is used to pump water to the surface which is needed to maintain life. 
I leave this place tomorrow and will be heading to Davis Mountain State Park at Fort Davis, Texas. I hope to be able to pick up a cell signal there as I'm going through withdrawal without it. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.   


  1. As you go through Marathon tomorrow, look left and wave to me way out there in the desert near Bibe. Have fun and some good Mexican food in Ft. Davis.

    1. Cya down the road Barney, try to have too much fun down there.