Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moving Day to Lake Casa Blanca and Sunset Pictures Galore

Location: Lake Casa Blanca State Park; Laredo, Texas

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I pulled out of Falcon State Park around 11:00 for a 85 mile move to Lake Casa Blanca State Park. For the readers of this blog, you will remember I stayed at Blanco State Park back around Christmas time. Well, I got to wondering about the difference between Blanco and Blanca. I remember asking at Blanco what the translation was and the park people told me it meant "white". Come to find out, when describing something masculine, you use "blanco" for feminine you use "blanca". It's the same with "latino" (masculine) and "latina" (feminine). Dang, I should have taken Spanish in high school instead of French.

The park is surrounded by Laredo but when you get inside the park you don't feel the city. It surprised me to find out that Laredo is the 10th largest city in Texas with a population near 250,000. For the Louisianians out there, that puts it about the size of Shreveport and half of Bossier City.They assigned me a nice pull-thru site about 100 feet or so from the bank of the lake. The site is level and after a little jockeying, I was able to get to a point where the slide had room to open. I did run into a temporary problem when setting up. I couldn't connect my water hose to the water spigot. Every Texas state park has an anti-backflow device installed on their fresh water spigots to prevent their water source from getting contaminated by someone backflushing into their system. Well, it hasn't been a problem until this park. I tried all of my hoses and none would connect. The diameter of the anti-backflow device was just too large. Lucky for me I carry a "water-thief" with me. It is a short piece of rubber tubing with male hose threads on one end. It is mainly used for spigots without threads so you can slide the rubber end on the thread-less spigot and then connect your hose. Due to the large size of the anti-flow device, the thief was hard to get on. Once on, I could only open the valve a half turn or it would blow the thief off the spigot. What usually took about 10 minutes to fill my tank ended up taking 30 to 40 minutes. That is a long time when you're hungry and Taco Bell is ringing in your head. I will be here for 3 days with "explorations" planned for Best Buy, Wal-mart, Home Depot and H-E-B.  

There was a great sunset and I took a lot of pictures. I had a hard time deciding which ones to post on here, so there is a dozen or so. They are in order of the sunset and some are only a minute apart. The sky was changing quickly. The caption for the sunset pictures will only be a number so you can refer to a particular picture. 
You can see the "water-thief" I had to use on the water spigot.

Nice and level pull-thru site

Gives an idea how far the lake is from the campsite

Looking back up at Liberty through the cactus

About 100 feet or some from the campsite.
















It was a good day :)

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

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