Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Moving Day to Wikieup, Arizona

Location: Dazzo's Resturant and RV Park (El. 2,000 ft), Wikieup, Arizona

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It was time to move on. I had been in Prescott Valley for 4 days and although there were other things to see and do, I felt the need to move. I still like my original traveling philosophy I decided on last year. That philosophy is to move into a place, see one or two things, then move on down the road. People always tell me I'm missing a lot of stuff and that is true, but the way I see it is this: Number 1 and 2 things to see down the road, in most cases, will be better than number 3 and 4 where I'm at and since my house has wheels,,,,,then let them roll..

This morning, the snowy weather was just over the mountains to my east and the clouds were hanging low. There was a cold chill in the air as if it was rolling down the mountains into the valley, but the sky was clear in the direction I was heading. I had postponed hitching up Liberty as long as I could while hoping it would warm up a bit. I finally pulled out of the campground around 11:00. I liked the landscape around here very much. The open valley, with it's far away views, was peaceful. Although in the desert to the south, you could see far away, it was different here in that the landscape was more mellow. The desert is so harsh. 

Snow clouds over the eastern mountains

This is the open-ness of this area. Much better than the desert.

The place I was heading was only about 75 miles away, as the crow flies. But with Liberty in tow, I couldn't take the direct route over the mountains due to the "kiss your a$$" curves on that route. So, instead, I had to go about 160 miles around the mountains. It was a longer route but with gentler grades and curves. Even so, I topped out about 6,600 feet in elevation going around. I'm down to about 2,000 feet at this campground and I can feel the difference. Breathing easier and more "pep in the step". :)
This is some of the country I drove through today.

That's my exit and those are the Rockies in the distance. So far I've only been going through the foothills. I'll tackle them in a week or two.

I will be in Wikieup for only 2 days before moving again. There is a county road I want to explore while I'm here. Its name is Chicken Springs Road and it leads over the mountains to the west of here. It is suppose to be a very nice drive albeit on a dirt road. I hope there is some traffic on the road in case Freedom has trouble. I don't like the idea of being broke down in the middle of nowhere on a mountain road. If I don't blog for a few days, send someone out to Chicken Springs Road to find me. Hopefully, I'll have some good pictures for the blog tomorrow.
Got to love a town with a sense of humor. Best city limit sign so far. :)

I chose the RV park with the big American flag. They are also a Passport America campground so the 2 days are half price. $10.00 a night isn't bad at all.

Simple and plain but with full hook-ups.

These are the mountains to the east of the campground. The shape of parts of them is of ,,,,"the sleeping maiden". Do you see her? I will call her out in tomorrows post.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

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