Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moving day to El Paso

Location: Mission RV Park (El. 3,800); El Paso, Texas

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It was a 213 mile tow but the weather was great. I enjoyed seeing the landscape change again. I have been following the Rio Grande north ever since I left Falcon State Park 2 weeks ago. With every move, the landscape and topography changes. It has been interesting seeing the changes. I'm also now in the Mountain Time Zone.

I don't have anything planned to explore in El Paso. It is more of a layover for me on my way to New Mexico/Arizona. After setting up yesterday I did have enough time to go on the Scenic Drive on the edge of the Franklin Mountains that overlook El Paso. On the way there, I go hung up in some interstate construction which turned into a stop and go situation. 15 miles and an hour later, I found the exit I was looking for that would lead me to the Scenic Drive. I got a little lost, twisted around,  misplaced, geographically inconvenienced and took a tour of some places that would have been considered "off limits" if I was on liberty in the Navy. But I eventually found the drive and made it to the scenic overlook. It is a nice view that overlooks all of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. El Paso is the 6th largest city in Texas with houses and businesses very close to each other. Quite a change from the open spaces of the state parks that I have been staying. 

I will only be here for 2 nights before moving on. I had planned to get my batteries here, but I got "bad vibs" when I drove by the area where the battery store is located. Over the years, I have learned to trust my "vibs", both good and bad. Tucson is the next city that has the type batteries I need. Getting them immediately is not critical, so I will wait and see what Tucson feels like. I will use my time here in El Paso to go to Walmart for supplies and maybe a haircut and laundry if the mood strikes me. 

A few pictures from the trip and El Paso.
The hills and landscaped changed.

More landscape.

This is for my Louisiana friends. That junction is the I-10/I-20 junction. The point where I-20 begins. A right turn and I would be back in Shreveport after about 700 miles.

Yep, this is a bathroom. My second, and hopefully last, bathroom picture from my travels. I will let ya'll try to remember the first one. This is the men's room at the rest area just east of El Paso. The stalls are immediately to the left and there is only half a roof. I guess if it is raining you need to wear a rain pancho if you need to go. It was surprising. 

You can see how the land has flattened out more in this area of Texas. There are mountains, but they are clustered together and are not wide-spread.

A look at El Paso from the Scenic Drive overlook. In the background is Juarez, Mexico. You can see the giant Mexican flag in the top center of the picture.

I parked Liberty over yonder. :)

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

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