Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello from Buckeye, Arizona and a Sunset

Location: Leaf Verde RV Resort (el. 1,000 ft); Buckeye, Arizona

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Today was moving day and I ended up in a fancy RV park in Buckeye, Arizona. It is located about a dozen miles west of Phoenix. It is a big campground with about 388 campsites but it doesn't feel too cramped. The park is about 90% full and most of the campers are snowbirds that came to Arizona to escape the winter. A rough calculation puts the campgrounds monthly gross income around $300,000.00. One thing unusual about this campground is that for $10.00 you can wash your RV at the campsite. I tried washing Liberty at Choke Canyon State Park but got busted and scolded for doing so. I paid my 10 dollars up front because Liberty is in bad need of a good washing. She has been carrying dirt from the oil field boomtowns of Texas for weeks. The campground is located far enough away from Phoenix that it borders the desert on the back. I took a walk into the desert to see what the sunset would be like. This part of the desert if full of Creosote Bushes which fill the air with their fragrance. It is nice but they need to change the name of the bush since it doesn't smell anything like the creosote plants back in Louisiana. :)There were a couple good pictures. 

I also chose this campground because it is close to where I need to get some batteries. It seems I've been stymied at each stop when I tried to get my batteries. In Tucson, none of the big battery distributors carried the batteries in stock because of the expense. I could have ordered them and had them delivered in a week but I didn't order them since the main depot was in Phoenix which was my next stop. 

I'm not sure what needs exploring in this area since my main thoughts have been about the batteries. If all goes well with the battery installation tomorrow, then I'll do some checking into exploration possibilities. 

This is a short post with only a few pictures. If I think about it, I'll take pictures of the battery installation tomorrow. It will be good to document how I screwed up upgraded Liberty.

A nice hill/mountain along I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix.

I've become addicted to sunsets. My Accuweather app on my cell phone has the time of sunset and sunrise for whatever area I'm camped. This one isn't as spectacular as I expect some of the future ones will be. 

The sky continues to change for about 30 minutes after sunset.

A nice Saguaro posed for this one. The sky was brightening up nicely. 

A road to be ridden into the sunset????

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. Darrell thank you again so much for continuing to share your travels, pictures, and any upgrades to Liberty. Don't have a name for my trailer yet, but planning to upgrade the batteries prior to getting started.


  2. Hi Darrell, hope you're doing well. Just curious about your battery upgrade. Things like which batteries and why you chose them. I may have to replace my battery on my TT in the near future. Don

  3. Hello Dennis and Don, I installed the batteries yesterday and am posting about them today. Thanks for your comments, they are always welcome

  4. Good job! Always knew u were 100% engineer....civil r any kind! Safe travels baby brother