Saturday, December 27, 2014

Moving Day, Sick?? and Assorted Stuff

Location: Blanco State Park; Blanco, Texas

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It started yesterday. Symptoms: nose stopped up every now and then, especially if I'm sitting still, throat a little itchy but rarely coughing, eyes watering some but not a lot, sneezing about once every few hours. 

I don't get sick very often, maybe a cold every 5 years or more. I'm not aware of any allergies. The TV weather has been stating that there is "moderate mold and cedar spores". Uhmmm, maybe that is what is causing the symptoms. I don't know for sure but just in case, I took a half dose of Coricidin. 

Today is moving day and it's suppose to rain. It's not suppose to be a heavy rain so I'm not too worried, just as long as the wind gusts stay down. I don't have a choice to extend my stay here because the park is booked up for the weekend. I decided to head to the coast for a week or so before heading out west. I have reservations at Goliad State Park for 3 days, then on to Mustang Island State Park near Corpus Christi for 7 days. I don't know where I'll go after that.

Blanco State Park has been a nice little park to kick back with a few side trips to explore things. I also did a little Geocaching, which was somewhat new to me. I'll probably do a little more in the future. 

Here's a few pictures to end this post. I'm going to lay down for a little bit before I start the hitching up process.

My GPS says there is a Geocache somewhere in all that mess. I moved limbs and stones but couldn't find it. I stood on a stone and looked to the other side of the tree and then

It was a stick of wood with a hollowed center. The hider cut one end off so it was like a wooden container.

I didn't take or leave anything, but I did sign the log. It was a good find. One of the good things about Geocacheing is it gets me out and about on days when I'm not exploring.

I saw this pack of deer as I was driving around a Corps of Engineers park at Canyon Lake.

Some more showed up while I was sitting on the side of the road

Several ran off but his bunch must have been the brave ones or the ones that didn't care about running.

Last look at Blanco State Park

Freedom and Liberty are ready to roll, I hope I am too.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. Hope you get to feeling better and the weather holds up.... Happy New Year and safe travels.

    1. Thanks Dennis, I figure it to be a 24 hour bug