Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blanco State Park (part 1)

Location: Blanco State Park; Blanco, Texas
(click pictures to enlarge)

I arrived at Blanco State Park yesterday in the early afternoon. I knew it was going to be a nice park by the one-lane, low water bridge that you pass over to get to the campsites. Anyone even remotely familiar with the work of the old Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) would immediately recognize their work as you enter the park. As I have said in previous posts, although I disagreed with most of the New Deal, the CCC was the best program that it produced. Just a quick recap, in less than 10 years the CCC built over 800 parks nationwide and mostly by hand without the routine use of heavy equipment. But the building program was secondary to the education of the young men in a marketable trade and outstanding work ethic. It is understandable that the CCC would not be needed during World War II and prosperous decades that followed, but it would be a comforting feeling if it was around today. 

After getting Liberty set up, I went into town for something to eat. There are a lot of little cafes, but no Taco Bell :(, oh well.  I picked one that looked promising; Oak Creek Cafe. The brisket was very good but the soup was outstanding. It was Baked Potato Soup. That is the second time I've had that soup. The first time I had ever heard of the soup was at a truck stop in Duson, Louisiana. Both times it has been excellent. I don't see it on the menu very often but I'll definitely order it when it is available. 

I'll be here at Blanco through the 26th and if a vacancy occurs, I'll probably extend through the first of the year. I haven't decided where I'll head when I leave here. It may be to the Gulf coast for a couple of weeks or I may just take off for the west coast early. Decisions, decisions, just like when I was working, but these decisions only affect me and that is a big difference. 

Here are a few pictures from around the park. I'm sure more will be taken for future posts.

This is the one lane bridge going into the campground. It is a
combination bridge/dam. As the water rises, it passes
over the bridge. Rain is predicted in the next few days so I'm
curious to see it in action.

A picture of the bridge on the right and the dam on the left.
This picture is taken from a point about 30 feet in front
of my campsite.

A closeup of the dam. The square structure at the end of it
is the swimming pool. Remember, this was built in 1934 and still
functioning great. The CCC did great work.

Looking back at Freedom and Liberty

A pretty view taken from the Pavilion area.

This goose, duck, bird walked up to me while I was at the
pavilion. He stared at me for a while as if to say, "Hey buddy,
got any food". 

Now this is a picnic table. Made of stone and big enough to
seat the Walton's times 10. This was also built by the CCC and
I'm sure they enjoyed many meals here. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.  

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  1. Back in my early youth my parents took me swimming in that swimming pool. I recall it as being very crowded but lots of fun.
    That had to be about 60 years ago.