Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pictures from a ride around Itasca State Park

Location: Itasca State Park, Minnesota
(click pics to enlarge)

This is the second post today. I rode around Wilderness Drive that goes around Itasca State Park. It was late this afternoon and I was trying to beat the predicted rain. It was a nice drive with the temperature at 52 and falling. It was comfortable with blue jeans and just about every place was deserted, so no crowds. There won't be a lot of words in this post except for the captions on the pictures.
Wilderness Drive

Tallest Red Pine
in Minnesota

A crazy old man I ran into in the woods

I followed this path for about
1/2 mile to see the tallest White
Pine. Strange sounds along the way.
It isn't the tallest anymore since
the top was snapped off in a wind
storm not long ago

Another bench picture

This is a place where Indians
trapped and killed giant bison
a couple thousand years ago.

Same bison place just the other
side of the road

Bench overlooking Elk Lake.
Some people used to think this
lake was the beginning of the
Mississippi River, but were wrong.

I liked the leaning tree over
Elk Lake

A marker about a preacher giving
the first sermon in 1881.

The view of the people receiving the

Location of the sermon
Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.


  1. That crazy old man looks like he's been lost in the woods for a while...you better run!

  2. Oh, he is an old softy inside. He just looks like a crazy old man on the outside....lol