Saturday, September 13, 2014

Big Stone Lake, Old Home Place, No Symptoms

Location: Big Stone Lake State Park; Ortonville, Minnesota
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I left Glacial Lakes State Park early Wednesday morning. I didn't even attempt to empty tanks due to the bad location of the dump station. The extra weight is not much of a problem when driving in mostly flat land.

I arrived at Big Stone Lake State Park in Ortonville, MN about 1:30. I had to stop at Walmart on the way to get new water hoses and filter due to the E. Coli. They were about 6 months old so it was about time for replacements. The Big Stone campground office was closed so I put a note in the box saying I had pre-paid and was setting up on my campsite. I headed to the dump station which was a very nice one with water to flush the tanks. I also stopped and topped my fresh water tank off before getting to the campsite. I was the only RV in the campground. There was a group of 4 men in a very large tent with a couple boats parked next to them. The lake is within a stone's throw of the campsite. The temperature was a little chilly and I guess that may be one of the reason for the lack of campers. While I was reading a newspaper at the laudromat, I found out this weekend was the opening days for bow hunting season. One other reason for the lack of campers. It is a pretty campground but has a couple tough turns to make to get into and out of the campground. It will be more difficult getting out than getting in so I'll be puckering up on the way out tomorrow morning.

The main reason for coming to this area was to see another old home place. When I was 14 years old, we moved from Lafayette, LA to Clinton, MN. Clinton is a small farming town with a population of a couple hundred. All 12 grades of school are contained in one building. We only lived there for less than one year. We arrived about 2 weeks before school started and moved about 6 months later. It was an interesting 6 months. There are a couple good stories from those 6 months but I'll type those up separately later.
This was an old Dairy Queen from
the early 60's. Notice it is attached
to the house behind it. That used
to be a selling point for getting into
the DQ business

The topography certainly has changed

Walmart is becoming a routine stop
for me on moving day

Campsite. The Lake is a stone's
throw away

Big Stone Lake on the border
of Minnesota and South Dakota

Big Stone Lake

Pretty sky and lake from an overlook

Big Stone Lake from the same overlook

Big Stone Lake

No benches this time, just a
picnic table overlooking
Big Stone Lake

Old Home place

Old Home Place

This pond was located just behind
the old home place. It was the setting
for my story, "Almost Time".

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.


  1. Amazing how good the old house looks. I never lived there but remember when I visited it was a beautiful home...especially the kitchen. But sooo much snow! And the old man next door with silver dollars. Enjoy

    1. I thought it looked good too. Mom and Dad picked another good one. By the way, it wasn't silver dollars, it was wheat pennies. The man would pay a nickel for any wheat penny. Kids from all over town would be knocking on his door. There is no telling how many pennies he had when he passed away.