Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Split Rock State Park (best yet)

Location: Split Rock State Park; Pipestone, Minnesota
(click pictures to enlarge)

Well, I'm at another campground. I arrived at Split Rock State Park around 1:00 pm today. This is the best maintained of the four Minnesota state parks that I've stayed. I have a nice campsite about 100 feet from a nice looking lake. My only complaint is that I had to use two layers of leveling blocks to get level. It is a small complaint because I think I could have moved around a little and found a level spot but was fine with the blocks.

I will be seeing the Pipestone National Monument tomorrow. My last day in Minnesota will be Tuesday when I head south to Iowa.

I drove around the area and walked around the campground this afternoon to get the following pictures.

This is the topography of deep
south-west Minnesota. The rolling
hills were a result of the glaciers
from the last ice age

This the campsite right after I set up

The lake in the campground.

Another view of the lake

A Thinking Bench near my

I heard geese honking overhead
and then they flew by heading
south for the winter. I'll be following
them soon.

The sky made it look better. A few
geese in this one too.

Picture of Liberty from one of
the docks of the lake

Liberty again

This is a section in the campground
that is undisturbed prairie. This is
what the land looked like when
the pioneers first got here.

This is the information on the
prairie section of the park. It is also
for Roy Nugent since it shows
the wildflowers in the area.
I saw this house on the hill with
a nice looking sky so I took a

Another Thinking Bench near
the dam

This is the dam on the right and the
bridge on the left. They were both
built by the WPA from the
Depression era.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road

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