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Freedom and Liberty
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Empty campground, Moving Day and Visitors

Location: Long Branch State Park; Macon, Missouri
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The Lewis and Clark campground started emptying early Sunday morning and by that evening there was only one other camper on my half of the campground. It was an older

gentleman in a small Casita trailer. I didn't see him out and about until he was hitching up today. He pulled out about 30 minutes ahead of me. I had an unexpected find in the campground. It was a laundry and unlike the others I have found in state parks, this one was super clean. I took the opportunity to get all my clothes and bed sheets washed. While they were washing, I sat on a bench watching everyone hitch up and pull out. It was a peaceful time and the weather was perfect.

Moving day was an easy 150 miles with one Walmart stop about half way. Besides using their "facilities" and stretching my legs, I picked up a couple things. I had a hankering for some spaghetti so I got a box of it and some sauce in a jar. I had a choice between sauce in a can or jar. I splurged and went with the jar. It has to be better if it's in a jar, right? I just realized I forgot the Dawn I was suppose to pick up. I'll go into town tomorrow for it.
Campsite in Long Branch State Park

I kicked back in the zero gravity chair
for a while after getting set up

This state park is very pretty and well kept. I got a nice site and only had to put one set of blocks on the left side. My site is concrete and looks new. My nearest camper is about 200 feet away and are a "snowbird" couple on their way to Florida for the winter. They are from Nebraska.

Later in the evening, I started to fix the spaghetti but decided to check my cell phone app to see what was available in town. Wouldn't you know it, a Taco Bell popped up on the screen. Since I couldn't remember the last time I ate at Taco Bell, I knew it must have been too long, so off I went. I drove around town before eating and found something interesting. As you may remember, I have washed clothes in two laundromats that had tanning salons attached. Well today, the laundromat had something else you could get while waiting for your clothes to be done.

Taco Bell was better than I remembered. I was lucky it wasn't crowded because I didn't have reservations. I was able to quickly place my order and was able to find an empty seat. This crew did a good job with the main entrée (Chili Cheese Burrito). After filling my stomach, I hit the gas station and filled Freedom's stomach too.

I got a good picture of the Long Branch Lake on my way back to the campsite. The sky was nice and the lake calm.

After pulling into the campsite I saw the first of my visitors for the evening. He was sitting in the grass and hoping I hadn't seen him. I got my cell phone from my shirt pocket slowly and was able to take a quick one before he hit the bushes.

Later on, right about sunset, I went outside and saw the other visitors. They were eating some acorns from a tree by the dump station. The older one saw me but knew I wasn't going to hurt them. I took a couple pictures with my cell phone but then slowly went inside and got the Nikon with the bigger lens. They "grazed" for about 10 minutes and looked at me every now and then. They slowly left by jumping in the tall grass and "poof" they were gone.

I stood there for a while watching the stars come out and hoping for another surprise. No other surprises, so inside I went to see what radio stations I could pick up. This campground is mainly a layover on the way to St. Louis. I'll leave here Wednesday morning. It is a nice place to rest. Although I didn't explore anything, it was Good Day. :)

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.

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