Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
I travel in Freedom but sleep in the security of Liberty (not only on the road, but in this amazing country of ours)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Travel Day; Vicksburg, MS to Eutaw, AL

Today was a travel day and I was ready for it. I had been at Vicksburg too long. But it was a good stay and a good campground.
 So I did my laundry so I would have clean drawers in case I got in an accident. I would hope that if I got in an accident the doc's and nurse's would be talking about my drawers because that would mean it was a minor accident. I then said goodbye to Rivertown RV Park and hit the road.
Rivertown RV park
I stopped for gas and lunch at a truck stop in Mississippi around noon. The Spaceway hamburger, fries and coffee hit the spot. I had spotted the place on Google Earth and knew that I would be able to get in and out easy.
The next stop was the Alabama Welcome Center. I picked up some pamplets and a state map while Freedom and Liberty took it easy in the parking lot with a couple big boys.
Freedom and Liberty rubbing shoulders with a
couple Class A motorhomes
It wasn't long before I got to the exit for Jenning's Ferry Campground. The town was Eutaw, Alabama. It is another poor little town with a Piggly Wiggly and Dollar General. I stopped in the Dollar General to pick up some OFF because of the mosquitoes. I had heard they were big enough this year for the fishermen to use them as bait. While going in and out of Dollar General, I was panhandled by some guy who just got out of a fancy looking car. I guess I looked like an easy mark. Finally I got to the park entrance and the place looked peaceful.
Jennings Ferry Entrance
The couple that checked me in were work campers from West Virginia and were due to leave in a week. They were nice people although the computer system seemed to cause them problems. After visiting for a while I went to my assigned site.

Freedom and Liberty waiting to be
set up.
Thinking Spot

After setting up I found the "thinking spot" above. It will be peaceful here and time to reflect on things.
My internet connection through my hotspot is going in and out so I'm not sure if this will post or not. I'm not sure where my next stop will be located. I was thinking Chattanooga or maybe head towards Nashville.
Ya'll take care of each other. Cya. 


  1. Sure am loving living vicariously through these posts. Travel on and keep posting!

  2. I think I could sit at that thinking spot for a few days. Looks beautiful. Love reading your post everyday. Enjoy.

  3. Thanks for the comment Brandy and glad you like the blog. This whole campground is peaceful and quiet. Cya