Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Travel Day; Delhi, LA to Vicksburg, MS (bad day)

Freedom and Liberty Hitched between Storms
I decided to leave Poverty Point State Park at Delhi a day earlier then I had planned. Someone told me there wasn't much to see around that area and they were right. Once I decided to leave I needed to time it with the thunderstorms that was rolling through the state. I figured I could get everything ready to go and hitched up between storms. Then I would only have to wait for the next one to pass and I could fall right in behind it all the way to Vicksburg. If everything worked out right, I could be set up in the campground at Vicksburg before the next storm came along. Sounds like a good reasonable and logical plan, uh? Nothing should go wrong. 
So I gave one last look at the first park I camped at after retirement and hit the road. 
Last look at Poverty Point State Park (after the rains)

The skies were clear over me but I could see the storms ahead and behind me. I began to doubt my decision about trying to slide in between storms. So I said to myself, "what is the worse thing that could happen"? Dang, I shouldn't have asked myself that questions because all sorts of things came to mind and not one of them was good. I began to wonder if I would be able to make it to the state line.

Lucky for me, the weather held and I got to the Ameristar RV Campground in Vicksburg. I patted myself on the back for making such a great decision and wonderful planning. The lady who checked me in was a very nice older southern lady who liked to talk. I was in the mood, so we talked for a while. She had known a few Goza's in her life and asked if I was related to any of them. I answered "probably" but didn't know for sure. After chatting for about 15 minutes about nothing in particular, she said she was going to give me one of the good campsites. I thanked her and left to go get set up. All of the sites are pull-through sites which made me glad since I still need more practice at backing up the trailer. I was surprised that the sites were so short. By the time my slide-out was far enough ahead to miss the electrical pedestal, Freedom was half way in street. But I decided it would be just fine as I again patted myself on the back.

I checked level of the trailer side to side and it was right on. Good. No leveling blocks needed. I also checked the level fore and aft and it was off some but I figured the landing gear should take care of that. Wrong! So, of course the last thing to do after everything else is done is level fore and aft. This is after chocking, checking electrical and unhitching from the truck. After doing all of that, there wasn't room on the landing gear to lower the front end enough to get even within one bubble of center. By now, I'm soaked with sweat due to being overweight but I blame it on the high humidity brought on by the rain. After inspecting the concrete pad for quality assurance, I noticed that 3/4 of the concrete pad is pretty level while the other 1/4 goes uphill. My landing gear is on that uphill quarter and I can't go backwards or my slide-out will hit the electrical pedestal. I look around at some other empty sites and spy a level one. I hurriedly take everything back down, hitch up and head to the office to change sites.

I'm a little frustrated at this point and suddenly remember the storm that was in my rear-view mirror on the way here. A glance at the sky says it is near and it will be a race to set up before it rains again. I run trot walked very fast into the office. Do you remember the sweet southern lady that liked to talk that checked me in earlier? Well she is checking in an older couple and wouldn't you know it, she is talking about old times. Apparently, this couple has been coming to this campground for several years and have struck up a friendship with the "sweet southern lady that likes to talk." I wait patiently by the door looking at the sky turn darker by the minute. Finally after about 15 minutes, the couple leaves and she says, "what can I do for you honey-child". I explain the situation and ask for the other site and she says OK. Before another "honey-child" can leave her lips I thank her loudly and head for the door. I thought to myself as the door closed behind me that I was being as rude as a Yankee, so I poked my head back in and thanked her properly.

The new site was level enough fore and aft and only required one block left to right. As I was finishing the set-up on the left side of the trailer, a wind came up, the rain started and I heard a big bang come from the other side. I just hoped it wasn't from my trailer cause that sound just couldn't be good. As I rounded the corner of the trailer I could see my door just flopping in the wind. A big gust of wind pushed it back and ripped the hydraulic opener off the door. That will need to be fixed before I forget and let it swing open. But that will be another day and time.

Oh well, everything is set up now and time to relax. I went to the visitor center and got several pamplets of places to see around the area.

There will always be good days and bad days. Our hope is the good outweighs the bad by a whole bunch. I know mine has over the years, so one bad day is not a problem with me.

Take care of each other. Cya

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