Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
I travel in Freedom but sleep in the security of Liberty (not only on the road, but in this amazing country of ours)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Random Thoughts and Things No. 2

(you should be able to click the pics to enlarge them)

1) I have a decision to make. I'm paid up through Monday at this great park and had planned to move on down the road Tuesday morning. Tuesday was decided as moving day because that should be about the time my tanks will need to be emptied unless I start using the bath-house showers. To empty them, I have to break camp and go to the dump site about a mile away. My thought was since I would have to break camp to empty tanks, might as well just hit the road after that. Well, now the dilemma, thunderstorms and strong winds are due in here Monday evening through noon Wednesday. My choices are: a) Leave one day early and pull out Monday morning ahead of the storm and hope it doesn't hit early. I would also need to find a park down the road and be prepared to stay there for a couple days as the storm will be passing to the east OR b) extend my stay here and pull out Thursday morning. This means I'll have to break camp to empty my tanks then set up again, unless I do the bath-house thing,,, probably in the rain. Stopping at a campground on Thursday usually means staying until at least through Saturday due to the weekend visitors to most RV parks making it hard to find a vacancy except during the week. 

2) Jasmine incense does not smell as good at age 58 as it did when you were 18.

3) GPS rocks!!!!

4) I went back and took a picture of that "south" road so I could remember it.
Note the ditch and the oncoming truck.
Lucky I didn't have a trailer behind me today.
5) The Mallard came back today. I got a good picture of him as his bill was just coming out of the water. Notice the water dripping off his bill and the reflection in the water. I got lucky.

5) Someone asked about the jet-pack I mentioned in one of the posts. It is a portable Wi-Fi hot spot. As long as I can get a Verizon signal I can access the internet. I can have up to 10 machines connected to the jet-pack at the same time. So far I've only had 3 connected (phone, laptop and tablet). It is very portable. I can take it in the truck so when I'm using my GPS on my phone, it will connect and use the data from the hot-spot instead of the phone. I got it from Millenicom and get 20 gigs of data per month for 89.00. Not bad for the versatility of moving around the country with it. I've been able to pick up a 4g signal everywhere except for sporadic coverage at Jennings Ferry (in the woods). The company buys Verizon data in bulk and re-sells it at a cheaper price than Verizon sell it.

6) The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was one of the few very successful programs that came out of the New Deal. It would take too long to describe it's successes but just know that it be self-financing in 1959 and has not received any federal aid since then. It also brought a good life to a lot of people. The federal government should look to it as an example of good government at work.


  1. Hey Darrell, This is Joe DeBusk. I just love reading your blog. It is very interesting to me and I feel like we are still in touch. Anyway, keep up the good work and drive safe. CYA

  2. hello Joe. Thanks for adding a comment. It lets me know people are reading. I feel like I'm in touch through this blog. I hope everything is going well for you. About 14 more months, then you and Shirley can hit the road too. Take care. cya

  3. Hey Darrell,
    This is Kelly Gibson. I am reading your blog. I am enjoying reading about your travels. I too hope to travel after I retire...seems like forever right now, but I know it'll be here one day. Right now, I am vacationing through you. Keep the stories coming. I love that you named your truck and camper!!!!

    1. Thanks Kelly, I'm glad you like it. I had to give them a name. I'm still trying to think of a name for the GPS voice though. hmmm,,,,maybe Bertha? uh?