Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hixson, Tenn (day 2) (good day)

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I road another train today. This one is associated with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. In addition to the museum you can ride the train for a few miles to an engine turntable. The trip goes through a mountain tunnel that was hand dug prior to the Civil War. 
The place was especially crowded because they had some event going on for the kids. Something about Thomas the Train. Pre-schoolers everywhere and parents showing their different parental skills. It was enjoyable to sit on a bench and watch how the different parents handled their children. Some were very stern, others very caring and everything in between.

It was "all-aboard" and the train was off. The next stop was to be East Chattanooga.

After we looked around the museum area for a while it was time to turn the engine around and head back to the main depot.

Train on the turntable.

The second part of the day was visiting the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum. It isn't the official one, but it was very good (the official one is located on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Yorktown in Charleston S.C). Pictures inside were difficult due to the way it was set up. It was probably better that way because pictures could not do justice to the sacrifice that these men and women made to us and the country. 
Just a few stats:
There have been nearly 3,500 medals awarded.
The first medal was awarded in March of 1863
The last one in March 2014.
There are only 77 living recipients.

On a happier note. The Mallard came back. Today he brought a date/mate. They left the water and walked up the bank while I was sitting outside. I gave them some bread which they really enjoyed. After they ate, they hit the water and went home.
I overheard the Mallard telling her what a great dinner date it had been as he raised his head with pride. She mumbled something that I couldn't hear very good, it sounded something like "whatever".......

It was a good day.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya


  1. Hi Darrell, This is Bill Seaman. Thought i would let you know that there are a lot of us that check out you site. Excellent reading and fantastic photos. Keep up the good work and safe traveling.

    1. Thanks Bill. Keeping the blog has been more fun then I thought. Picture opportunities seem to pop up everywhere, once I started looking for them. Ya'll be careful around the bridges and say hi to the guys.

    2. Great pictures! She was a smart duck!

  2. Hi Darrell, this is Casey Allen. I found your retirement e-mail that I had saved and wanted to see how you were doing. It is July 3 so I have have been trying to catch up from the very beginning of your postings. I enjoy your humor and the pictures. The comment about the female duck saying "whatever" had me laughing with how close to the truth it is. Be carefull out there.