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Freedom and Liberty
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Knuckle Injury. Trip Delay?

A silly thing happened the other day. I was demonstrating how someone said they hurt their knuckle by flicking someone's ear. I just flicked my finger in the air and caused the same damage to my knuckle. After it happened, I could see the tendon move from the top of my knuckle to the side when I made a fist. When I straightened out my finger, the tendon moved back over the top and the pain went away. It didn't take me long to realize I didn't need to clinch my fist again so I taped it to another finger to help keep it straight. After consulting with my primary doctor, Dr. Internet, I self-diagnosed myself as having a problem with the tendon sheath on one of the bands on the side of the knuckle. Treatment ranged from surgery (no, I won't do that myself) with physical therapy afterwards or splinting for 4 to 6 weeks until it heals itself and then physical therapy afterwards. After thinking it over for a few seconds I chose the splinting option. So off I went in search of a finger split to keep it straight. Easy uh? Nope. I went to Drug Emporium, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS and Walmart Pharmacy. None of those places had one. Lucky for me Walmart was the last place I went, so I wandered over to the arts and craft section and picked up some popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. With some Velcro strips and that fancy self sticking bandage tape, I fixed my own splint.
Arts and Craft Splint (patent pending?)
(popsicle sticks underneath)
There is no pain with the injury and most of the swelling went down in a couple of day without icing it. I exercised it this morning by bending the joints as much as I felt comfortable without risk of re-injury.
Except for having to do some things with the wrong-hand, some people call it left-handed, it isn't too much of a problem. But I now have a decision to make about hitting the road Friday.
The choices are:
1) Go on with the plan and hit the road Friday heading East. If my knuckle doesn't heal itself then I seek out a real doctor wherever I happen to be staying.
2) Stay around the area for a couple weeks to see how the hand is doing. If it becomes a problem, then go to my real doctor instead of Dr. Internet. If it heals, then hit the road.
3) Still leave on Friday but change direction. Head into Texas and explore it for a month or two using the Texas State Parks Pass while my finger heals. If the finger becomes a problem, I would be within a day or two of being able to visit my real doctor.

I'll make my decision before Friday. If you want to help me decide or want to offer medical advice, then use the comment section to leave a message. If it's not full of cuss words, I'll post it. Uhmmm, is dumbass a cuss word???


  1. Go go go. Andrew and Brian both separated the thumb tendon on opposite thumbs within a week of each other. Splint/cast for a few weeks and np . Go Darrell. You deserve it.

  2. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I'd say this but ur blog sounds like Bubba talking! Yall were always so opposite but I guess the Goza can't be hidden!
    Next my expert medical advice 1) I think your injury is the result of flicking someone off not demonstrating flicking an ear. 2) Go Go Go start your dream. Finger will heal one way r another but dreams can't wait on a finger.
    My wish for you my baby brother is good health, peace, and happiness. Mom & Dad would be so proud of you and Bubba would say "has he lost his mind" and I said to go for it. And during your adventure you just may find a smart, beautiful, sexy, free spirited lady who's been waiting for you to come along. Love you!

  3. This post really brightened my day! Don't let a hurt finger stop you from your original plans. I think you should go with Choice 1) Go on with the plan and hit the road Friday heading East. If my knuckle doesn't heal itself then I seek out a real doctor wherever I happen to be staying.

    BUT I dont think you need to see a doctor. If your finger falls off, you didnt need it You can drive a RV with 9 out of 10 digits on your hands. Right?

    -Stephanie Semple