Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Random Thoughts and Things

I will be doing these Random Things and Thoughts every now and then, maybe once a week. It will be a little bit of everything. No rules. No subject off-limits. I will still try not to piss anyone off.

1) My travel plans are going to change a little bit. I had planned to go to Savannah, GA and then up the coast to Washington D.C. and points north. I'm looking for a more drastic and faster change in scenery, so I'm heading northeast to Chattanooga, TN. Then up through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Washington D.C. by way of Virginia and points north.

2) My next campground will be Jennings Ferry Campground in Alabama.

3) I'm not sure how I'm liking this not shaving. My face itches and the beard is grey blonde.

4) I got my door fixed. When I got to this campground, there was a sign beside the driveway saying "mobile RV tech available on-site". I called him and he showed up early the next morning. An hour later, (actual work was 15 mins, BS was 45 mins) and $50, the door was fixed stronger than when it rolled of the assembly line.

5) The stay at both Poverty Point and here has been too long. From now on, I plan to make reservations for 2 nights. If something good is happening, then I'll extend. If not, then I'll move on. There will be places that I will want to just stay and do nothing.

6) Between towing and not towing, the truck has been averaging 10 miles per gallon. This is the number I expected and budgeted.

7) Comments and questions are encouraged. I know some of ya'll feel like you shouldn't comment, but don't feel that way. The blog will be much better if there is input from everyone who reads it. For example, what do ya'll think about my change in travel plans?

8) I can easily go 3 days without sewer or water hook-ups. If I really try, I can stretch it out to 5 days. I am not prepared to do without electricity yet. I still only have the one battery and no solar panels.

9) After all of the comments I received about sandals, nobody mentioned that wearing them would make my feet dry. I had to put some lotion on them tonight for fear that they would start cracking. Maybe that is why some of the wise older retirees wear socks.

10) Once you're inside Walmart, you can not tell what city you're in.


  1. Hmm you see 'you don't have to have a plan'. Can't believe you have a beard, you need to take a selfie. And for the sandals and dry feet, maybe they are just liking the sunlight. Yep, you seen one Walmart you have seen them all....Have fun...

  2. Thanks for the comment Anonymous. I will wait on the selfie until I decide to keep the beard or not. If businesses stop letting me in because I look to scruffy, then I'll shave for sure.

  3. I would like to see picture of the beard too dad. Pretty sure I can't recall you ever having a full beard!!!

    1. It's only been less than 2 weeks. Still scruffy.....I like not having to shave, but I'll wait to see if I keep it or not.

    2. Your only daughter...favorite child...whichever you want to call me agrees with your oldest son. I'd like to see a picture of this beard. I must say I'm kinda impressed that you knew what a "selfie" was.