Friday, February 17, 2023

Vet Memorial, H-E-B letdown and Mystery Sound

 Location: Liberty Hill (COE) Campground; between Corsicana, Texas and Waco, Texas

If I know of a veteran's memorial nearby, I'll make a point to visit it. Most towns in America have one, it's just a matter of size. Sadly, they aren't always highly publicized. One thing that all veterans have in common is that during a part of their lives, they each wrote a blank check to the citizens of their country, payable up to and including, their life.

Corsicana has a nice little veterans memorial on the court house grounds. Although there are a couple benches, they aren't comfortable and are more for show or decoration. I bet if they built a small area off to the side, under the shade trees, it would attract a few veterans that would show up each morning with their coffee and verbally solve all of the problems in the country. I've seen a few places like that in my travels. Any memorial should be a welcoming place to not only remember, but also to rejoice in life, all life, not just your own.

By Texas standards, this is a "plain Jane" courthouse. But I didn't come to see it.

Similar to "The Wall" in Washington D.C., they have recorded the names of the lives lost in action. 

A pretty etching on this stone. Someone has talent.

Another very nice etching emphasizing Homeland, Family, Patriot and Sacrifice.

I had so looked forward to going to the local H-E-B. It had been a while since I visited one of their stores that I guess I had it built up higher in my mind than it actually was in real life. So, after getting a great lunch at a Sirloin Stockade (all you can eat buffet), I went to get some groceries. One a side note: I believe waitresses should not wear overpowering perfume. The waitress I had yesterday must have bathed in her "fu-fu juice" (perfume/cologne). It wasn't good. I'm guessing the only smell a waitress should have is maybe the smell of bacon, yeah that would work. Anyway, the plan was to eat lunch before grocery shopping to reduced the amount of impulsive buying due to hunger. It worked. The main thing I was looking for was the fixings for fajitas. I eventually found everything I needed except for the in-store freshly baked tortillas. That was the biggest, but not only, disappointment. The store must be an old one because it is very small in comparison to similar type stores. She was definitely showing her age. It was a tight fit in the aisles if two people met head on. Although to help offset the disappointment, I found a package of Chuck-eye steaks for $7.00 which were tasty last night. Otherwise, there just seemed to be a bad Vibe hanging over the place. I'll reserve judgement as to all H-E-B's until I go to another one. I really believe this store is an anomaly. 

The high winds blew all day yesterday which gave a chill factor of near freezing. It seems like they have settled down as I write this post this morning. There were some mysterious sounds coming from the back of Liberty2 when the winds blew their strongest. I was concerned something may have broken loose such as the roofing material or something else as bad. It turned out to be the strap I use to secure my personal ladder to the RV ladder. When certain wind speeds hit it at a particular angle, the strap would vibrate, creating a loud, strange sound. I'm thinking along the lines of a harp, but not as pleasing of a sound. Oh well, the mystery was solved and the problem corrected by twisting the strap. 

As a way to ease the pain of the H-E-B disappointment, I had a pretty good sunset. 

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road.  

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