Thursday, February 16, 2023

Moving Day, Gun Shop/Auto Parts, 2 Sunsets

 Location: Liberty Hill Campground (COE) on Navarro Mills Lake; between Corsicana, Texas and Waco, Texas

Yesterday was moving day. The 190 miles is the longest tow on this planned trip. It was a little tiring since I'm still not in traveling shape but it was good at easing some of the "silent echoes". This campground is about 40 miles due south of the outskirts of  Dallas which is a little too far to go for Taco Bell. I stayed at this campground three years ago but the area I'm camped in today was closed back then. The area that I'm camped is located on a peninsula jutting into Navarro Mills Lake. I walked around these campsites three years ago and said if I'm in the area again, I wanted to stay in this area. Well, that's what I did. There is only me and one other camper in the ten campsites on the peninsula. A large storm blew through last night which brought a short, but strong thunderstorm. The high winds were the big event and since they hit Liberty2 broadside, they rocked her a little bit, but everything turned out well and now I know what she can handle. Good deal, Lucille.

This is the open road picture showing the changing landscape. A little bit different than the piney woods from a day ago.

Campsite at Liberty Hill. There are no overhanging trees which was good because of the high winds that blew through.

I'll be here for four days and there isn't a lot to explore in this area. One exploration trip will be to H-E-B. For those of ya'll who don't know what that is, it's a grocery store. A really good grocery store that sells just about everything you need at a very reasonable price. There are many things for visitors to see in Texas; two of those are HEB and Bucee's.  

Before leaving Jefferson, I had to find an auto parts store for a blinker bulb for Freedom. Her left blinker started blinking at a very high speed. That fast blinking is one of those fancy electronic indicators that a bulb has blown. Sure enough, I checked and the left rear one was not blinking. So, Google Maps found an auto parts store and off we went. And as it is a lot of times while traveling, I serendipitously found something out of the ordinary. Only in Texas will you find a store that is half Napa Auto Parts and half gun shop. After getting the bulb, I thought about buying some extra ammo, but decided against it. Back at camp, I watched a two minute Youtube on the trick about replacing the bulb and bingo, everything went good, no problem.

Gun store on left, NAPA auto parts on the right. I was smart enough to ask permission before taking the picture so they would know I wasn't an anti-gun person about to freak out because of all the "tools" around me. Only in Texas. :)

I was blessed with a nice sunset on the last night at Lake 'O The Pines and a mediocre one on the first night here at Liberty Hill.

A pretty nice sunset on the last night at Buckhorn Campground. The pelicans were swimming around before calling it a night.

This is the sunset from last night, which was the first night at Liberty Hill Campground. That wall of clouds is the storm that eventually blew through the campground. The sun was able to find a little hole to peek through as if God was winking at me.

I haven't found any "thinking benches" lately, but this one is about 100 feet from my campsite, so I put it to good use. A place to rest you bones and soul.

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road.



  1. I'd add Whataburger to the "Texas" list...

    1. I agree with you Rob,,,,,Whataburger is definitely in the top ten.

  2. Thanks for the great report.

  3. Modern technology is a wonderful thing until you have to work on it. To change a tail light it use to be 4-screws, unscrew the bulb, install new bulb and its fixed. Now it takes a rocket scientist and YouTube. Good work Darrell.

    1. I got lucky John. Two screws and a little pulling release the taillight assembly. A twist off connection and plugging in the new bulb. From start to finish, 2 minutes. Thanks to Youtube. Have fun but be safe out there.