Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Thoughts, Wisconsin, Travel Directions?

Location: Badger Park Campground; Peshtigo, Wisconsin
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Welcome to Wisconsin. I do not have any specific plans to see anything in this state. It was simply the next state after Michigan. When I left Louisiana in April, I had a general direction of travel in mind. It was to go to Maine, then to Michigan with several specific stops along the way like D.C, Little Creek, Niagara Falls, etc. The problem is when I was doing all the general planning, I never thought much past Michigan. Well, now I'm faced with making a decision to either go west or south. At least I only have two directions to choose from since north takes me back to Michigan and east is Lake Michigan. I have about two more months until I'll be back in Louisiana, so heading way out west is not in the cards until after Thanksgiving. 

I picked this point in Wisconsin and this small, city owned campground to rest up from the sensory whirlwind of Michigan. I will also use the time to decide which direction to travel. I originally booked the campsite thru Sunday and pulling out on Labor Day, but extended through Labor Day once I saw the place. It is a very nice little park although it is filling up with some locals today. I was talking to the Parks Director and he says it's completely booked up and about half is a family get-together and the other half is a NASCAR group that has something planned for the weekend. I'm just trying to keep my head down. :)

My campsite on Thursday

Looking down the road from my

Liberty by herself on Thursday.
The campground is almost full now.

A thinking bench looking out
to Lake Michigan

Thinking bench within an
easy walk of the campground.
I'll be using it some, in between

I'm back in the Central Time Zone. I didn't realize it until my cell phone changed its time automatically. I have been in the Eastern Zone for a few months and had sort of gotten used to going to bed at 11 or so. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get adjusted again. It started raining last night and is suppose to do so on and off through Saturday evening. Without having any specific plans,  I say "let it rain".

I bought some Cheese Curds today. Everyone had been telling me that I had to get some. They are apparently the last stage of cheese making before they are pressed into blocks. They were good but not as great as everyone had said. Again, I think my expectations were just too high to live up to.

The world is going to heck in a handbasket and our administration has their head where the sun don't shine. I am beginning to wonder if they are happy with the current state of affair around the world. I'm sure President Carter is very happy with them because they make his administration look like geniuses. Surely the two will go down in history as the worst administrations. Reagan rescued the country from Carter; who will rescue it from Obama? At least for now, we still live in a country where I can say such things and not be too concerned about knocks on my door in the middle of the night. While I'm venting, it also seems like we are going to let Putin invade whichever country he wants to control. The lessons of the prelude to WWII are lost on this administration. There is evil in the world and the sooner it is recognized the sooner it can be eradicated. The vacuum that was left in the world by Obama "leading from behind" retreating and giving up everything that was won by the good guys over that last half century was filled by evildoers just waiting for an opening. God help us.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.

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