Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Waterfalls, Sunsets and Goodbye to Michigan

Location: City of Munising Tourist Park Campground; Munising, Michigan
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This is my 100th post to this blog. I have enjoyed writing it and posting the pictures of my explorations. I hope ya'll have found some use for it as well.

To Grandchildren Olivia and Tucker (and any future ones): 
This is 100 examples of what the crazy old man did during the summer of 2014. Follow your dreams wherever they lead. Remember, in every situation you only have two choices; "accept" or "change". Neither is more important than the other, they are both equal. If you try to live somewhere in between those two choices, you will never find peace of mind or soul. Enjoy your life. 

My time in Michigan is coming to an end and I leave the state tomorrow for what looks to be a nice city campground in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Michigan is a very pretty state with several unique things to see and do. I will miss it. It was on my list of things to see but I was surprised by how much more I was able to explore. It is probably one of the top 2 states that I've visited. I think I will be back here sometime in the years to come.

Michigan has been able to show me three of the Great Lakes. The bright blue of Lake Huron, the angry storm over Lake Michigan and now the beauty of Superior. It is a good state.

Tonight's pictures are of the waterfalls I explored around this area and two nights of sunsets.
I forgot to add the picture of the
campsite in the first post, so
here it is. It is a nice open
area, which I prefer.

This road is gated and you have to
walk about 700 feet to the
Au Train Falls.

It is very quiet coming down the road
and you can hear the falls before you
see them. This is the first view.

A wider view

Looking upstream at the falls

Blending technology and nature.
The building is a small hydro-electric
power plant. The turbines inside
produce electricity for the area.
Nicely done.
Pathway to Wagner Falls. The walk
is about 1000 feet with a bench
if you get tired.

Portion of elevated boardwalk

Then you're rewarded with the falls

The girl at the right was spending
the day painting the falls. It was
a great day for doing so.
Pathway to Munising Falls

They are higher but
not as pretty as the
Lots of the campers head to the
edge of Lake Superior to watch
the sunset.


Just the sun setting

One with a boat

One with ducks

One with kayakers
On my way to say goodbye to
Lake Superior today

She was a little rough today

This couple was always the first ones
to watch the sunset. They would bring
their chairs, glasses of wine and
camera. They seemed to be at
Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.


  1. Thank you for sharing your travels - you are currently living our dream for retirement - stay safe