Monday, August 11, 2014

Travel Day (Ionia, Michigan to Traverse City State Park; Traverse City, Michigan)

Location: Traverse City State Park; Traverse City, Michigan
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I left Ionia State Recreation Area in a swarm of mosquitoes. It is the first park where they have been intolerable. There were some kids playing around in the park last night. Some knocked on my door but wasn't there when I answered the door. I passed that information along to the campground workers and they looked surprised like that sort of thing never happens.

I pulled out around 11:00 and had to go through two separate road construction projects. Both were complete closures with detours. Detours cause me stress because I know a lot of times RV's are not considered when planning a detour. I crossed my fingers and followed the detour signs. Everything worked out OK and I was only delayed about 30 minutes.

The campground is heavily wooded and just across the road from the Grand Traverse Bay, which is a bay on Lake Michigan. The water was a little rough from a storm that was blowing across the lake. There are suppose to be some thunderstorms tonight. I hope the limbs over Freedom and Liberty don't fall.

There are a couple road tours I plan to take in this area. Hopefully, I'll get some good pictures.
Taking on fresh water. The campsites
are Electric only.

Liberty tucked into the trees.

It sure would be easier to park if they
would remove a few trees.

Grand Traverse Bay

Nice Bench overlooking the bay

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.  


  1. Sure is pretty there. Looks like you're backing in a lot more lately. Your reverse must be improving! Be safe. Love you

  2. Backing up to the left is not a problem except for trees getting in the way. I still avoid backing to the right because I can see that side very well. As long as the temperature isn't too hot, I would just as soon be out in the open and away from any trees. Too many bad things can happen around the trees.