Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bad Weather and Planning Day

Location: Goose Island State Park; Rockport, Texas

(click pictures to enlarge)

High wind and rain was going on all last night and most of today. Liberty was rocking and rolling with rain pelting her. I woke up, looked out the window, saw this,,,,,,,

and went back to bed!!!!!!!!!

It stayed wet and cold all day so any exploration was out of the question. I used the day to plan out my moves through the end of the month. 

The weather calms down tomorrow so I will head back to Goliad State Park. That is the park I was at when I got sick and couldn't explore. I'll stay there for a couple days before moving on. The next campgrounds, in order, after Goliad will be:

Choke Canyon State Park
Lake Corpus Christi State Park
Falcon State Park
Lake Casa Blanco State Park
Seminole Canyon State Park
Davis Mountain State Park
Balmorhea State Park

Falcon State Park is on the Mexican border. From there I'll follow the border north to New Mexico. I have reservations through Lake Casa Blanco. I'll leave there on January 31st, which should put me into New Mexico by the second week of February and hopefully the weather will be nicer. If not, I'll scoot across the state and get into warmer Arizona.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. If you get around Tucson go to the air museum. The 390th has their own at the larger park. Daddy's bomber jacket and lots of WWII info and memorabilia there. Worth at least planned stop. Enjoying the blog.

    1. Hello Robin,
      I do plan to go through Tucson and will make a point of going to the museum. I will try to find the jacket and I will be honored to post a picture of it to the blog. As I get closer, don't let me forget. I'm glad you still like the blog.

  2. As you probably know I am at Falcon State Park right now. At the moment it is 54 and very nice bright sunshine. I hope to walk over to the lake and fish for a bit. Early Feb can be very nippy in New Mexico due to the altitude gain as you head that direction. For the moment I plan to head for Del Rio from Rockport about Jan 27. My plan is the $2 camping at San Pedro for a bit then head for Bibe. Have fun out there.

  3. Hello Barney,
    My plan is to wait at either Davis or Balmorea until the weather is suitable to cross into New Mexico. I want to spend several weeks exploring New Mexico but I may have to wait until fall on my return trip.