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Freedom and Liberty
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Just Cruising the Seawall and Riding the Ferry

Location: Bolivar Peninsula RV Park (el. 20 ft); Crystal Beach, Texas

(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 cell phone)
(click pictures to enlarge)

Just a short post. I haven't done anything really exciting since I've been here. Mostly, I've cruised around the Island and Peninsula. I tried to get some pictures of the "near full" moon rising last night, but I haven't studied up on the camera settings for such shots. I may just be too lazy to figure it out although, the moon rising over the Gulf last night was very nice and it would have been good to get a picture. 

The beach on the Peninsula. You can drive on it for miles.

A large ship passing across our bow.

Every time I visit Galveston, I look to see if this old beach house is still standing. I call it the "tea pot house". I don't think anyone has lived in it for a while.

I'm not sure if I was shooting for the flying gull or Seawolf Park.

I was shooting for the dolphin

Pelicans look kind of clumsy on land, but they are good flyers and are fun to watch when they are diving in the water. 

This picture if for my sister. She likes the Bolivar Lighthouse. It was built in 1872 and retired in 1933. It was built of brick with cast iron plates. When it was active, the color scheme was black/white bands. Of course now that it is privately owned, it is rusting away which gives it is brownish/black look. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. That tea pot house was there when hurricane Carla hit. It seems like it has been there all my life. I first remember it from about 1954.

  2. Thanks for taking me along on your tour....I like the little teapot house, maybe you could "dig" up the history on it....Great photos as usual.

    1. Your welcome Jenny. The history of the house is muddled in myths and hearsay but very little facts.