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Freedom and Liberty
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Galveston-Bolivar Peninsula

Location: Bolivar Peninsula RV Park (el. 20 ft); Crystal Beach, Texas

(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 cell phone)
(click pictures to enlarge)

I saw the Gulf of Mexico yesterday. I've seen it many, many times over the years and each time I get a comforting feeling when seeing it. Come to think of it, I got that same feeling when seeing the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Heck, the feeling was there at the Great Lakes too. I guess any large body of water will invoke that feeling. I wonder if it is because I was born in Port Arthur, Texas which is only about 20 miles from the Gulf. We moved to South Dakota which was the first of the many states we lived in when I was two years of age, so if I was imprinted with the Gulf, it would have had to have been during those 2 years. Maybe the "comforting affliction" to large bodies of water is due to the time I served in the U.S. Navy with 3 1/2 years aboard the U.S.S. Manitowoc (LST 1180). All of those are possible, but I'm real sure the reason is the vacations taken when my kids were growing up. A couple trips to Panama City, Florida and a couple more to Galveston are what makes me connected to the Gulf. Those memories are still fresh in my mind and that is what gives me that comforting feeling. As I drive along the seawall in Galveston or ride across the Bolivar Ferry, the kids are in my memories as they play in the sand, body surf in the waves, feeding the seagulls,,,,,,,. That is why Alzheimer's is such a terrible disease. It robs us of our memories and they are what makes us who we are. They give us comforting feelings when remembering and can bring up emotions from decades ago. A memory. Just a small memory can bring a smile or laugh or tear. It doesn't matter which emotion, just as long as the memories stay alive inside of us. 

Oh well, time marches on, and we need to keep in step for if we fall out of step too much, those guys in white coats show up.

Campsite at Bolivar Peninsula RV Park
I've stayed here before about a year ago.

I only had about 120 miles to travel yesterday so I pulled out of Stephen F. Austin SP about 9:30 am. 
I planned to hit Houston before noon. I had hopes that traffic would be light as everyone would still be at work, watching the clock, and waiting for lunch. I was right. I passed through Houston doing 60 mph and most of the time the lane ahead of me was clear. I haven't been as lucky in times past while traveling through Houston but yesterday was great. 

I stopped just south of Houston at a place called Buc-ees. A very large place with 56 gas pumps. 
The clerk inside said the store in Baytown has 96 pumps. The inside is wide open and not crowded with products placed everywhere like so many places now-a-days. It was nice. Gee, I must be getting a little "touched in the head" if I'm commenting about how nice a gas station is. 

While crossing on the Bolivar Ferry, I went up top so I could get a good look at Liberty's roof. 
Everything looked good except for a seam opening up along the front. I've checked inside and there are no leaks but I need to have it sealed up before this weekend when more rain is predicted. Luckily, the RV Park recommended a local RV Tech that does work in the park. 
The open seam is in the upper left
of the picture. The tech will seal the
entire seam.
I don't need a highly technical person, just one that has the right material to seal the seam. He came by and inspected Liberty and said, "no problem". I told him to fix it on Wednesday which is suppose to be sunny and very little wind. I figure about an hour and he will have Liberty's "wound stitched up". (how is that for projecting life forces onto an inanimate object???,,,LOL)

The Gulf is still dirty looking from all of the battering it took from the recent storms so I didn't take many pictures. I hope it settles down before I leave. 
A view from the causeway on Gulf Freeway leading to Galveston

I think this guy is stuck. He is down by the East Beach area with is not very touristy. I guess the Captain didn't read the sign about "dangerous currents".

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.

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