Saturday, January 25, 2020

Nice Campground; No Major Exploration

Location: Cedar Ridge Corps of Engineers Campground; Temple, Texas

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This is stop #4

Today is day three and it's moving day. I seem to be saying that a lot lately, but I'm liking these quick stops and short tows. It's like it was when I first hit the road with Freedom and Liberty. We were averaging moves every three days with the distance between campgrounds being about 150 to 175 miles. This trip I'm averaging less than 100 miles between campgrounds. 

You can see a lot of new things when traveling quickly and that is the main purpose of my travels; to see new things. They don't have to be giant, spectacular things. Sometimes they are just a small flag on a fence post in the middle of nowhere. Or a long abandoned homestead along a deserted highway on the prairie. When lucky, nature will throw in a great sunrise or sunset just to keep me saying "wow". New things are everywhere, RV traveling just allows me to see more in a short period of time. 

There wasn't anything special that brought me to this campground, but it is a another really nice COE campground. I had thoughts of visiting Fort Hood and its museum but I was afraid I would catch more "museum disappointment", so I just drove around the area to see what I could see. 

This is Freedom and Liberty hitched up as I was leaving Airport Park. It rained most of the night with spotty showers the morning I was leaving. The rain was escorted by a cold front so it was "wet and cold". I'm including this picture so I'll remember the feeling. Even uncomfortable things like this is still a "wow". I've hitched up in rain before but it had been a while. 

This is the campsite here at Cedar Ridge Campground. The days have been great with clear skies, highs in the 60's with lows in the 30's. I rarely use the awning on Liberty but I have it extended here so it can dry from previous rain. 

The view looking out Liberty's door. That is Cedar Creek which feeds into the larger Belton Lake. Notice the line of clouds as a small "trough" blows through. 

Looking downstream with a nice aura from the sun at the top left. 

Looking upstream 

I drove around looking for things to see. This is the typical landscape of the area. It was a pretty day for a drive.

I saw a side road with the name "Bald Knob Road" so I had to check it out. The road was in pretty good condition with only one house in the first few miles. 

The road eventually turned to dirt with muddy spots caused by the last rain. With no one around and the road getting narrower, I decided to turn around while the turning was good. The last thing on the road was this tree that has survived a lot. Nice tree.

Along with "everything is bigger and better in Texas", how about a giant Texas State Flag. Of all my travels, Texans fly their state flag more than any other state. Notice the name of the building on the left. I think it was a bank. Texas First.
Ok, time to get a shower and hitch up. Today's tow will be about 150 miles. I'm making a long loop around Austin on some rural roads. Usually, I just blow right on through big cities and have rarely had a problem. This time, my vibs are telling me to avoid the downtown Austin interstates. 150 miles isn't bad at all and I plan to get to the new campground around 2 pm or so. Looks like another pretty day for a drive.  

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 


  1. Cloudy, overcast, 62 here at Falcon SP on the Rio Grande. It is a great walking park and no mosquitoes. Be safe.

    1. The weather has improved here as well. Yes, I liked Falcon when I stayed there several years ago. So far, no mosquitoes here, but I head towards the coast in a few days.

  2. Absolutely love the tree on Bald Knob Road. We would have been tempted by the name of the road too. You are proving that Texas is big.

    1. Hello Barb, I hope Walt is still improving. I liked the tree as well,,, it seems each tree has a story to tell lately.

  3. I've never topped to visit Austin, I've heard good things about it when you're a tourist. I have driven by a couple of times.
    How are gas prices down that way?

    1. When I left Rockport Wednesday the price was $2.08 a gallon. I paid $2.14 at a tourist trap place on the way here to Falcon Heights.

    2. Hello Rob, there is a great Texas museum in Austin. It is really worth the stop and if the same ladies are working there, it is even better. I fueled up the day at a Walmart for $2.01 but the average seems to be about $2.10. A lot cheaper than out west where you're at, uh?