Friday, January 31, 2020

Goliad, Texas is an Anagram

Location: Goliad State Park; Goliad, Texas

Stop #6
This is going to be a short post since it's a moving day. Today is the second day to be in Goliad. I've been here twice before back in late 2014 and again in early 2015. I stopped here to break up the trip to Corpus Christi and to do some chores. Those chores were laundry and a new tire to replace Liberty's spare. The replacement is needed simply due to the existing tire being almost eight years old. I called around and one was available in Victoria which is about 30 minutes away. This would work out great since I was thinking about staying in a city RV park in Victoria so I would be able to check it out after getting the tire mounted. I'm glad I did because I didn't care for the looks of the RV park. Pictures can be deceiving, especially pictures online. I also got a "bad vib" about Victoria, in general, as I was driving around downtown. I've learned to trust my vibs so I'll pass on staying at the city RV park or any other RV campground in the town. 

I will probably stay here in Goliad on my way back to Louisiana after leaving Corpus. That will make the fourth time I've camped here and I've yet to tour the church-house located right in the State Park. Maybe I'll get to it on my way back through.
My campsite here at Goliad. I'll have trouble with that green tree in front of Liberty. It will either require some fancy jockeying to miss the overhanging branches or I may just back out of the campsite. I noticed them before I set up camp and probably could have changed sites, but it isn't that big of a deal to avoid them.

This is my view out Liberty's door. I really liked the cloud formation after a small dry line passed through.
Goliad is rumored to be an anagram of the name, Hildago, which the "H" removed since it is silent. Hildago is the last name of the patriot priest, Miquel Hildago, who came to fame in the Mexican War of Independence from Spain. The people renamed the existing town of La Bahia in his honor but were afraid of pay-back from the Spanish if they came back into power. So to hide the name they removed the H and scrambled the remaining letters to form "Goliad". 

Goliad also became famous during the Texas War of Independence with the Goliad Massacre. I wrote about it during my previous stay and it is easier (on me), to just put a link to that post.

This picture is in tribute to Francisca Alavez, The Angel of Goliad. She helped many, many Texans who had been captured by the Mexicans during the Texas War of Independence. In the background is the Fanin Memorial dedicated to the 300+ prisoners that were massacred at the order of General Santa Anna. See, the Alamo is not the only thing to remember.
Today's tow will only be about 100 miles so I can leave around 11:00 and still make it to Mustang Island by 1:00 or so. I'll be there for seven days. The weather is a little chilly but clear after a small front passed through. 

Well, I need to finish getting ready.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.  

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  1. We love Goliad. Very cool central square and lots of history.