Monday, March 9, 2015

Moving Day to Tulare, California

Location: Sun & Fun RV Park (el 250 ft); Tulare, California

(Click pictures to enlarge)

I moved about 165 miles north to Tulare. It is located in a long valley about half way between Bakersfield and Fresno. It seems to be a heavy agricultural area primarily growing fruit. The trip was uneventful but the landscape changed at least 3 different times. My plan is to be here for 3 nights. This campground is close enough to Sequoia National Park that I can explore it on a day trip. I will be making a circular trip through the park tomorrow. The trip will be close to 6 hours long so I plan to pack a lunch in hopes of finding a nice picnic area. Most of the route is a winding, mountainous road that I expect to be able to only average about 30 to 40 mph. I hope to see some great views and trees. It will be a good contrast to the desert landscape that I've been in over the last month or so. Like the old saying, "variety is the spice of life".

I passed a giant wind farm along the way. There must
have been a thousand windmills

The road was flat for a long way as it ran alongside the mountains

Had to cross the mountains to get to the next valley

This landscape of short green grass lasted only about 10 miles

This is the last downgrade. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 


  1. While you are driving around the Fresno area this time of year you might notice all the orchards in bloom, but it doesn't last long. I hope you enjoy the drive through Sequoia. There hasn't been much snow this year, so the roads will probably be open. I enjoy your blog!

    1. Hello, yes, the roads were open with snow along the side of the roads. It was very nice. I'm not sure if I have seen them blooming yet or not.

  2. We were in Sequoia back in April of 2012, real good time to visit. Be sure to keep your eyes open for bears living in the base of the is a post to our blog which shows one: --Dave (

    1. thanks Dave. I didn't see any bears, but I kept my eyes open.