Saturday, March 21, 2015

Moving Day to Crescent City, CA

Location: Sunset Harbor RV Park (el. 14 ft); Crescent City, California

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(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia Icon 929 Cell Phone)

I pulled out of the Redwoods campground around 10 a.m. and headed north along U.S. Highway 101 (coast highway). I only stayed 2 nights in the campground and that was enough. This time of year, everything is moist under the big trees due to the limited amount of direct sunlight to dry things out. It felt like it had just rained, but they said the last rain was days ago. It was nice to be able to camp next to such tall and old trees, but I was ready to go. 
Last look at the campsite under the Redwoods. Hitched and ready to pull out to see new things.

U.S. Highway 101 runs from the Los Angeles area in California to the Olympic Peninsula in the sate of Washington. Sometimes it runs along the coast and other times it is several miles inland. The first half of this trip was away from the coast and in the woods while the last half was along the coast. It is a great feeling when you "pop" out of the woods and see the ocean. It must be close to the feeling a blind person may feel if they are suddenly given the gift sight. It is one of those feelings that sticks with you and I'm sure I will be able to call upon it in the future. Wow.

This right after "popping" out of the woods into the sunlight. Notice the lack of traffic, it was great.
California is very good at providing turnouts or pull-offs at every available location. On the two lane sections of 101 they provide pull-offs so slower vehicles can allow passing. Most of the drivers are very courteous about doing this and the passing cars say "thank you" with a double honk of their horn. There was very little traffic during yesterdays move, probably due to the time of week and the pre-spring season. I don't think I would like to be around here during the summer as it must be lots of traffic and people on this stretch of highway. The temperature was in the upper 50's with very little breeze and an overcast sky. The forecast was for showers and at times I could see darker clouds forming.

This is one of the larger pull-offs. It is probably a parking lot full of cars in the summer since it is right on the beach. But yesterday, I had it mostly to myself as I enjoyed the view. 

My attempt at a trick shot. I tried to catch the reflection of the ocean in the window on Liberty.

Last view before continuing the trip

I found a very nice, reasonably priced campground in Crescent City. I am receiving full bars, 4G LTE connection on my MiFi. It is close enough to the coast that I was able to hear the fog horn through the night. It didn't bother my sleep at all and was somewhat comforting. The campground is one of those that gives me a good feeling as soon as I pull in to register. RV travelers will know what I mean about that. I paid for a week and will let the weather north of me determine if I extend that time or not. 
Campsite in Sunset Harbor RV Park

My plans are to just kick back and let time catch up to me. Moving as often as I do, everything I see and do is brand new to me. That's means my short term memory gets filled up quickly and I need time for those memories to make their way back to my long term memory. In computer terms, it's like downloading something from a flash drive (short term memory) to the hard drive (long term memory). Of course on the other hand, I may be full of crap and my mind just may be messed up. Personally, I'm hoping it is the first case.

After setting up camp, I checked the "local scout" option on my cell phone and found a Taco Bell. Yippee, I'm back in civilization. :) I drove around to get the lay of the land and find some landmarks. They have a nice drive along the beach and I was able to get a few pictures. 

Shore area in Crescent City. You can see the clouds turning darker.

More coastal pictures

Dark sand beaches

By this time of the evening, it was in the low 50's with a good breeze but she was braving the weather to walk on the beach.

Some houses along the coast in Crescent City. Great views.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.

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  1. One of the prettiest drive you will ever take you through a redwood forest is only about 3 miles from you
    Ask the girl in the office about the redwood road
    You're only about a 1/8 mile away from elk Valley Road follow that east until you come to a dirt road. howland hills rd ( 7miles long ) follow that road through the redwood forest please make sure that you have your camera and handy
    If you follow that you will come up to route 197 take a left that will send you back to Crescent city
    On your way back you will come to a little town called hiouchi Hamlet on the left side of the road there is a little mom-and-pop restaurant excellent be careful with the pancakes you need a wheelbarrow
    If you're looking for a nice beach there's one called point St. George beach trail that is on N. Pebble beach dr, you can follow that from the battery point lighthouse that's another pretty spot
    We were at the same park in September that RV it's to your right is been there for about eight years ,, he's a nice old coot
    If you're going all the way up 101 I hope i don't offend or impose you if I give you some info occasionally