Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just Riding Around the Coast (mostly pictures)

Location: Bullards Beach State Park (el 35 ft); Bandon, Oregon

(click pictures to enlarge)
(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 Cell Phone)

The only thing on the agenda today was to find Walmart and get my prescriptions refilled. The nearest one is in Coos Bay about 20 miles north of the campground. Highway 101 cuts inland between Bandon and Coos Bay, so the road was lined with pine trees on both sides. It got boring after the first mile. But there was good news. I checked my food app on my cell phone in search of a fine dining restaurant that served Mexican food. Wouldn't you know it, sure enough, there was a Taco Bell on the way to Walmart. Figured it would be a good day to get a quality lunch, visit walmart, fuel up and drive back along the county coast road on the way back to the campground.

It took a little longer than normal to get the prescription filled but it didn't bother me too much. I picked up a few things and visited with an older lady with purple hair that was waiting on her pills too. We discussed the freedom to do strange things when you get to a certain age. No, I will not be dying my hair purple. 

This is some of the reef off the coast by Coos Bay.

More reef

Nice view

It won't be long before that tree on the right will be on the beach.


No swimming here with the waves and rocks.

The two people sitting on the lower right side of the picture was what looked like a mother and her teenage son. They appeared to be whale watching.

More whale/beach watchers

Sometimes the scenery is distracting

Another beach access

The road opens up to the ocean and beach

I got back to the campground around 3 or so. After putting up the walmart stuff, I sat down in the Lazy Boy recliner and the next thing I know it was 4:30. It was a very peaceful nap. Those kind of naps can only be done by a very experienced napper. Younger, less experienced nappers, will nap too long and mess up their night time sleep cycle. If they stick to it and practice more, they will be able to accomplish the perfect, peaceful nap. I have also noticed over the years that professional nappers are generally of the male gender. I'm figuring that most females are just not wired properly for napping. They usually say it is a waste of time or some such nonsense. Oh well, I had a very peaceful nap and the true nappers out there will appreciate the significance of that. 

Sunset was around 7:30 and I had hopes of a decent one so I headed to the beach area about 6:30. I should have waited a while because there was a very chilly north wind blowing and the temperature was dropping. The clouds didn't cooperate like I was hoping and the sunset was just so-so. I was able to get some other pictures while I was waiting. Nothing else to report.
This is part of the beach at the campground. This spot is next to the north jetty of the Coquille River. That is all debris that has washed ashore.

More beach with driftwood

This is the old Coquille River Lighthouse. It was put in service in 1896 and taken out of service in 1936 when it was replaced with an automated light and fog horn located at the end of the south jetty.

It was trying to be a good sunset

Looking along the north jetty. On the left is the tip of the south jetty and the Coquille river is in between. The tide was coming in

This was the best shot of the sunset. 

This is looking alongside the old lighthouse. On the left, you can see the new, automated lighthouse/foghorn.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 


  1. Love the awesome photos--- Keep 'em coming. Kudos on the nap - Glad to hear you are a good mechanic (putting a rear end in a recliner) ---- and women of a "certain age" do love a little nap once in awhile. My recliner grabs me every time I sit down!!!! If you get a chance look up Gordon and Juanita in Port Orford --full time RVer's and very nice people-- you would enjoy meeting them--check out the RV park there....tell 'em Jenny J sent you!

    1. Hello Jenny. The cell phone camera does all the work. I just hold on to it. Bearded old men knocking on the RV doors of strangers isn't a very good idea, but if they are sitting outside, I'll say Hi for you.

  2. North of you is Sunset Bay State Park and Campground. It is a very nice spot with a cove and nice beach on the ocean. At the end of that peninsula is a very nice garden. There is an entrance fee, but if you stay at the Sunset Bay campground, the entrance is free. You will also likely seal sea lions at the pull off going to the gardens. You will need binoculars to see up close though.

    1. Hi Gene. I drove around that area yesterday but didn't see a garden. There were some great views though. Pretty places.

  3. Beautiful country - I have some former neighbors/friends who moved to Waldport just north of you. They wanted to be closer to kids/grandkids and just love it. Interesting thing they shared was there was some debris from Japanese tsunami washed ashore near them. That's a long way.

  4. There is a house at the end of the road and a parking lot. The gardens are to the rear of the house's property. You enter through the house. It should be marked as Shore Acres.

  5. Just a quick heads up if you like cinnamon rolls when you get to Winchester Bay right on 101 there is a bakery called sourdough bakery go in in the morning and they have killer cinnamon rolls if you could eat the whole thing in one sitting no napping allowed send me the bill and I'll pay for it

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I do like cinnamon rolls and may give it a try. I haven't had a good one in many miles.

  6. As another professional napper, it takes time and patience to get it right.