Friday, March 27, 2015

Goodbye California, Hello Oregon

Location: Bullards Beach State Park (el. 35 ft); Bandon, Oregon

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(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 Cell Phone)

I put California in my rearview side mirrors this morning and moved on to Oregon. It has been 3 weeks since I entered California but it seems much longer. I saw The Reagan Library, the giant Sequoias and Redwoods, the Golden Gate bridge, the beautiful coast and miles of fertile farm land in the very large central valley. I also learned that not everyone who lives in California is a "left coast wingnut". Except for the traffic around Los Angelas and San Francisco I couldn't tell the difference between it and any other state. I wasn't able to see Yosemite due to bad weather and will have to put it on my future list. It is a pretty good state, all in all. 

Before fueling up yesterday I drove a little bit south of Crescent City to get these 4 pictures. The fog was hanging around for most of the day. 
Nice overlook area as you look north to Crescent City. I think the shape of the coast is like a crescent and that may have helped name the town.


I couldn't decide which picture to cull so I just left both in

I continued on U.S. 101 into Oregon and followed it to this campground which is about 1/2 mile off the highway. There are plenty of trees in the campground so there is no traffic noise. I had a heck of a time getting into this campsite with trees on all corners. After jockeying back and forth for about 5 minutes I finally got her situated without any damage  and that is always a good thing. I'll be here for 3 days before heading farther north up 101. I got set up in time to drive back into the town of Bandon to get some groceries and see parts of the coast. The cost of gasoline dropped about 70 cents a gallon as soon as I left California.

I was a little concerned about the fog but it turned out not to be a problem. It made everything look more interesting.

It was a short haul of only about 120 miles so I packed a lunch and found a nice pull-off to enjoy my sandwich with a great view.

The only other people in the pull-out were the two senior citizens in the lawn chairs behind their car. One was playing a guitar and the other had binoculars looking for whales. Great way to spend the day.

The campsite looks innocent enough but it gave me fits today trying to back in. It was just one of those days, I hope.

I drove down to the jetty. To the right side of the picture is the Coquille River as it empties into the Pacific Ocean. 

Looking across the river to the beach on the other side. The campground is in the distance but can't be seen.

Several people were enjoying the beach by the jetty. Someone said it was Spring break.

I found a pretty good bench. The view was great, but it wasn't too comfortable.

Beach views from near the city of Bandon, OR.

More views

This is a view at Face Rock. Can you see the face? I left the people in the lower right in the picture to give perspective to the size of the rocks. I have learned they are called "Sea Stacks".

Someone did a great job at creating a "crop circle" in the sand. 

Not much else to report since I just got here. I'll do some exploring tomorrow. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.  


  1. Hey! I'm a native Californian and I'm NOT a "left wing nut"!!! Liberal, yes, but not overly. Anyway, beautiful photos of the coast.
    Cheryl Ann

    1. Hello Cheryl Ann. I said "left coast wingnut",,,,,not "left wing nut". LOL
      I was a little disappointed in California that I didn't meet anyone that overused the words, "like", "rad", "for sure", because I practiced at listening for it. Oh well, maybe when I pass through the next time I'll see some. It sure is a pretty state though.
      I hope you know I was just kidding.

  2. If you get the chance, take a ride on the Jet Boats up the Rogue River. Quite a trip, and a very nice lunch at the end of the trip. They have trips that are mostly white water running, and a couple that are more about seeing the wildlife along the way, and it only goes to the halfway point. (and lunch) It was a great trip, and only exceeded by a jet boat trip we took in New Zealand. I think the jet boats take off from Florence, but wouldn't swear to it. Google will know. It is quite a way to spend a day. The difference in the price of gas is a result of all the Liberals and their insatiable demand for tax $$$, and the California Air Resources Board, both of which we could do with a lot less of.

    1. Hello KCD. Thanks for the suggestion. I saw their billboards and checked them out. I'm a little early in the season. They don't start up until May 1st, but I'll keep it on my list if I'm back this way in the future. Thanks again.