Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm in Internet "time out" and travel day tomorrow

Location: Lampe Marina and Campground; Erie; Pennsylvania

This post is coming from the public library in Erie. PA because I have exceeded my data amount on my hotspot. They will allow me access for 90 minutes for $1.00 since I'm not a resident. My hotspot data will reset on the 1st of the month. It surprised me when the hotspot quit working. I thought it was broken because I hadn't even come close to using up my monthly allotment of data in the past. But when I called to find out what was wrong they politely told me I used all of my data. I then remembered, that I had not been in a campground with Wifi in a while. That meant I had used by data to back up my laptop with Carbonite, watched a few TV shows on Hulu and Skyped with Brittanie and Livie. Lesson learned, shouldn't happen again.

Anyway, there won't be any pictures on this post because I'm not sure how I would upload them on this public machine. I mainly wanted to post so some people wouldn't think I was in a ditch somewhere. If all goes right, I should be back online after June 1st. I don't remember if the campground I'm headed to next has Wifi or not. I'll check after making this post. My next campground will be Four Mile State Park in New York. It is located on Lake Ontario and is within easy exploration distance of Niagara Falls. I should be there tomorrow afternoon and plan to stay thru the middle of the week.

Once I get out of "time-out", I'll back up and post the pictures and exploration info from this area.

Ya'll take care of each other and I'll Cya down the road.


  1. About time that "the baby" was put n timeout! But will miss ur posts till then..Naigra Falls should be beautiful. Here's a brain make sure retirement isnt draining ur brain. If you take the 1st letter of the name of each of the Great Lakes..what word does it spell? We will see if ur school days hints are still n ur head. Be safe

  2. Sure miss your posts. Will be glad when you're out of time out! I imagine you're gracing New York with your presence by now. Just wanted to say hi! Love you