Thursday, February 22, 2024

Another Great COE

 Location: Johnson Creek COE Campground on Lake O' the Pines; near Jefferson, Texas

I left Mansfield a little before noon, two days ago. It was only a 2 hour tow and with a check-in time of 3:00 pm, I knew I would be early. It was not a problem and I was able to enter the campground when I arrived. I really don't like these late check-in times but thinking back, I've only been turned away once for arriving early. I asked a Ranger once why the check-in times had gotten later and his answer was because a lot of the local weekenders want to stay later on Sunday. I asked him why they didn't just make Sunday a late check-in time instead of all of the day and he honestly said, they didn't think of that. Oh well, we all play by with the rules.

One of the wonderful things about this lifestyle is seeing new things. By new things, I don't mean brand new things that I've never seen before like a three-headed frog. I mean normal things that are just new to me. It is really good for all of the senses because it makes them work overtime to pick up all of the sensations around me. If I've been in a place for awhile, I've seen everything before and I can sleep walk my way around town. I know I'm not explaining that good enough and will try again, maybe in a future post. I bet there are some readers that understand and some readers that know what I'm talking about but just haven't experienced it yet. If I can dodge a pothole because I remember it being there, I've been in that place too long.

This is a great COE campground. I have a site with a great view and cannot see another RV when looking out my door or back window. The morning sun rises through my door and Liberty provides shade from the sun beginning around 1:00 in the afternoon. Yesterday's sunrise was blocked by overcast skies but I'm hopeful this morning will be different. I'll know in about an hour or so when it comes up. The campsite is level concrete which makes sliding under your RV easy. I didn't need to do it this time but hopefully I'll remember for the future. The campground is great for walking with some gentle, but a little huffing/puffing, hills. The middle of the week and time of year contribute to an occupancy of about 25%. I will remember this place as one of my top 10 COE's but I'm sure it would be different if it was a weekend during the middle of summer. 

My stay here is only two days and I needed these two days to get back in the swing of traveling. I know that sounds strange since I just got back from my last trip a month ago. But after hitching up and setting up a couple days ago, I know I need to stay in "grandpa gear" for another couple of moves to get comfortable again or something not nice will happen. I also needed these two days to push back the time of arrival at two future stops. Those campgrounds don't open up until March 1st. This two day stay is the shortest of any of the campgrounds on this trip.  

I didn't do any exploring since I've been here and never even left the campground. It surprised me, but I liked that. I have explored Jefferson, Texas before and if you're interested here is the link>>>>

The rest of the post is pictures which will help me remember this place fondly.

That's going to be my campsite straight ahead. Yeah, I'm happy.

After getting set up before neighbors show up.

My view out my back window while sitting at my computer desk.

The view out my door, also from my computer desk.

There goes the neighborhood. Great neighbors. The one on the left set up their RV then left. I have a feeling they have a big weekend planned and I may be glad I will be gone. The ones on the right are an older couple that have been traveling since 2011. A very nice and quiet campground loop.

A nice bowl of chicken/sausage gumbo with a great view. Nice.

Nice walking area and one that I'll remember for a while.

That's Liberty between the trees and a tent site on the lower right. It was a gorgeous day.

This is the swimming beach inside the campground. A huge flock of pelicans seemed to have claimed it for their own. 

This is a road for vehicles but works for walking too. 

This campground has more tent sites than any other COE I've been in recently. They are very nice.

The last view of the lake from a little hill on a peninsula. I sent a memorable text from this location so you see, technology and nature can easily co-exist. 

Today is moving day but the check-in time at the next campground is 4:00. The next campground is Beard's Bluff. I hope it is as peaceful as this one.

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe, I'll Cya down the road


  1. I was just at Buckhorn Creek a few days ago! I really like that area. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I stayed at Buckhorn last year. It was good, but I got better vibes from Johnson Creek. It may just be short-term memory vs. long-term memory