Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
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Friday, August 2, 2019

Twin Falls, Idaho

Location: Twin Falls County Fairgrounds RV Park; Twin Falls, Idaho (elev. 3,725)

all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia Icon 929 cell phone

Thru Stop # 10

I have been wanting to come to Twin Falls for a few years ever since I first saw pictures of Shoshone Falls. I'll see those falls and maybe some others tomorrow. I hope I'm not disappointed.

It was a very short tow of only 80 miles or so to get to this new campground. Since I was following the Snake River, the tow was all downhill. I dropped about 600 feet in elevation which let me get a little over eleven miles per gallon. Before leaving Massacre Rock SP, I emptied my tanks at their dump station. I could have waited to empty them here since this campsite has full hook ups. This is going to sound crazy to non-rv'ers, but I really, really liked the dump station. It is one of those that has everything right where it needs to be located. The road and sewer connection was paved and had a slight tilt towards the sewer outlet. There was a washout hose mounted on a spring-loaded pole that easily connected to my short black water rinse hose. The whole station was in the shade and there was a slight breeze blowing so there weren't any gnats or mosquitoes. There also weren't any other campers there and none showed up to hurry me along. I took my time and even ran the water hose inside to give the toilet a nice spraying with the pressure nozzle. All tanks were emptied and cleaned properly. OK, now is the time for you non-RV'ers to say I'm crazy,,,, or I've been on the road too long,,,, or I didn't take all my medications or I need some new medications. Either way, it was a memorable dump station and if you're even in the area, drop in and you will see what I'm talking about. It was such a great one that I forgot to get any pictures. Oh well, the memory is branded in my head as a silent echo.
I couldn't resist taking one more picture from the Massacre Rocks campsite before hitching up Liberty.

On the way out of Massacre Rocks you get a good view of "the notch". It was supposedly created by the Lake Bonneville flood, but I'm still skeptical. 

A nice looking house on the side of the interstate. There weren't any close neighbors so if they have children, they will have to import friends for them to play with.

The Snake is a nice looking river, uh?

Another picture I will add to my growing list of "long highways".

The campground is part of the county fairgrounds. I've stayed at fairground RV parks before and have always been satisfied. They are usually full hook-ups and reasonably priced. They have about 100 or so campsites here and there are only two other campers. I'm really taking up about 3 sites between Freedom and Liberty both. Their fair is not until the end of the month so it won't be a problem for the three days I'll be here. 
Home for the next three days. 
After setting up camp I went in search of a Chinese Buffet I saw on TripAdvisor. I hadn't had any Chinese food in a while and was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms. I found the place but the food was just average. Nothing to write home about (or post in a blog, wait a minute, I'm doing that). Maybe I do need to check my medications. 

After eating, I drove to the welcome center which is located on the rim of the Snake River gorge. I took a few pictures and walked around a little but then headed back to Liberty just in case that Chinese food kicked in wrong. Tomorrow will be a longer exploration time. 
The Perrine Bridge spanning the Snake River Gorge

A panoramic view looking downstream from the bridge

I found a bench, I found a bench.

Evel Knievel attempted his jump down yonder way. 
Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

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  1. I hope you have good timing so that you can catch the BASE jumpers parachuting off Perrine Bridge. It is pretty exciting. We lived in Twin Falls for a few years and it is a little town that has really mushroomed. Enjoy!