Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moving Day to Muskegon State Park and an angry Lake Michigan

Location: Muskegon State Park; Muskegon, Michigan
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I made it to Lake Michigan and she was angry. When I first saw her around 1:00 pm, she was still fogged over. It looked strange, spooky-like. I couldn't take a picture that showed anything, the
Road to the campground. The sand if very
fined grained. We would call it "sugar sand".
With the sand on the road it reminded me
of roads on the Bolivar Peninsula going to
fog, clouds and water all looked the same. It was like taking a picture inside a cloud. The fog was only over the water, not over the land at all. I figured it may burn off while I was getting set up in my new campsite. The campsite is a little short and Freedom is cramped for parking but it will

Home for a couple of days


work out. I was able to back Liberty straight in because the campsite is lined up with a street. It worked good and the site is level side to side. The campground is along a channel of water that leads to Lake Michigan. The lake is about 1/2 miles away. I chose Muskegon because there is something that I've been wanting to see here. Once I got set up, I drove into town and found it but decided to wait until tomorrow.

When I was coming back to the campground, a storm was brewing over the lake and heading towards the campground. I stopped at the beach area and got some pictures of it as several of the beach-goings were packing it in. My mother would have said "a cloud is coming up". Of all the places I have lived, I have never heard anyone else say it that way. I'm wondering if it was just her or if that was a common statement for the East Texas area where she was raised. If anyone reading this knows, please put it in the comments.

heading back to the campground

A cloud coming up
You can see the rain coming from miles away

The clearer sky is to the north

Cars waiting

The reason I haven't traveled farther north is that I'm signed up to attend a FROG rally. FROG stands for Forest River Owners Group and Forest River is the parent company that manufactured Liberty. There will be several seminars about RV's and RV'ing with tours of the Rockwood factory. There are over 400 RV's signed up. The rally is in Goshen, Indiana at the fairgrounds. It will be a week long event between Aug 3rd and Aug 9th. Once that is over, I will high-tail it to north Michigan.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.  

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