Sunday, July 20, 2014

Moving Day (goodbye Ohio, hello Michigan); camped on Lake Huron

Location: Lakeport State Park; Port Huron, Michigan
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Lake Huron
I thought I would start the post with a picture. It is of Lake Huron and that picture was taken about 300 feet from where Liberty is camped. Huron is the third Great Lake on this trip and they truly are Great. The locals at all three treat the lakes with respect and are concerned about their well-being. Lake Huron is 206 miles long and 183 mile wide. The average depth is 195 feet and it is connected to Lake Erie by the St. Clair River which begins at Port Huron. The thing that surprised me is there are 30,000 islands in Lake Huron.

View out my door. The lake is on the other side of RV to the left
Looking up at my shade trees from my front door

 This post is sort of in reverse since I started with the picture. Anyway, yesterday when I went in to
Pizza Stop with Sauerkraut for a topping
Fayette to top off the gas tanks in Freedom, I spotted a small pizza place named Pizza Stop. I had a hankering for pizza so I went inside. It was a nice place with friendly people. One of the interesting things on the menu as far as toppings, was sauerkraut. I asked to have it only on a small part of mine, and it was very good. I wish I would have gotten it on the whole pie. On the way back to the campground I spotted a vacant farm house if
For Sale
anyone is interested in buying a piece of Ohio. I have no idea how much land goes with it but it was empty so the owners must have either passed away or moved on before the sale. Just down the road is an old two storied
Must have been a beautiful place in it's day
brick house. It must have been a site to see back in it's heyday. It is at the intersection of two county roads so people drove by in both directions. It looks to have been abandoned for some time now. There must be a great story to be told about it, but no one to tell it. Kind of sad.

Today's trip was about 210 miles. A little longer than usual but it was OK. The first 70 or so miles was on a two lane state highway that was smoother and better maintained than the high volume roads. I drove on I-69 today. It is the interstate that is planned to go from Port Huron to Mexico and will pass near Stonewall, Louisiana. The last 20 miles of it was rough as a cob and needs work soon. I had to slow down to 50 mph for that last 20 miles. There are a few things I want to see in Port Huron before I move on. I will be here to Thursday and then move to the western part of the state. This campground is crowded and my site was very hard to get into. The trees on one side are skewed to the road which kept throwing me off as I was backing in. Liberty is a little cock-eyed in here but looking around, several others are also.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.


  1. Glad that you liked the sauerkraut on your pizza. Next time you can order it on the entire pizza (winkwink). Have safe travels and enjoy God's beautiful countrysides!

  2. Did you walk on the beach and check out temperature of water? Beautiful beach. I would have to check it out.