Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
I travel in Freedom but sleep in the security of Liberty (not only on the road, but in this amazing country of ours)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Travel day (Rockwood, PA to Emlenton, PA)

I am in the Gaslight Campground in Emlenton, PA. I got lucky and someone canceled so I was able to get a nicer pull-thru site at the same price as the narrow back-in site in the far back of the campground which was originally mine. It is a nice, grassy, level spot with shade trees on each side. 
Freedom and Liberty before unhitching

There is a very good restaurant at the truck stop about a mile down the road. I had all-you-can-eat fish for supper. The fish was Pollock. It wasn't too bad.

Liberty waiting for me to get back from supper
The weather held off for the most part. There were a few wind gusts that got Liberty swaying a little bit, but once I slowed Freedom down a little, everything came back in line.
It is a scary feeling though when those gusts hit you right out of the blue. I was able to get the picture above to show the clouds. Most of the time I was watching the trees on the side of the road to see if they started moving, at least I would have a little bit of warning about the wind.
I did have a happy spot on the trip. It was in the town of Warrenton, PA. Along the interstate, the local firemen and policemen set up boom with a giant American flag flying over the interstate. The men and women were standing in formation on the grass at the interchange. I honked and they
all waved with the leader of the squad saluting. As I passed under the bride, the fire department rescue unit was parked on the bridge and the men and women were lined up by it. I honked again and got the same reaction. It was great, really great. I grabbed the camera quickly but it is a blurry picture. I'm posting it here simply to remember it. It was a nice surprise and made my day.
There isn't much to do in this area and I'm only staying here because every other placed was booked up for the holiday. I may drive around and see if I can find some photo ops, but other than that, I'll just be hunkered down here until the holiday is over.
I hope your Memorial Day weekend is great.
Ya'll take care of each other and I'll Cya down the road.

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