2014 Campgrounds

The following are pictures of the campsites that Freedom, Liberty and I have stayed.

As a lot of full-time RV travelers say;
"Small house, but big backyard" 
Freedom and Liberty
(the first day they were hitched)

South Bossier RV and Marina, Bossier City, LA
(11-8-13 thru 4-11-14)

One of the many ice storms during the winter of

Galveston State Park, Galveston, TX
(Late December 2013)

Start in the northwest corner of Louisiana and end in the southeast corner of Texas by way of the east coast, northeast and north.

Poverty Point State Park, Delhi, LA
(4-11-14 thru 4-14-14)
(first campground after retirement)

Ameristar Casino RV Campground, Vicksburg, MS
(4/14/14 thru 4/16/14)

Rivertown RV Park, Vicksburg, MS
(4/16/14 thru 4/21/14)

Jennings Ferry Campground, Eutaw, AL
(4/21/14 thru 4/24/14)

Hamilton County Campground, Hixson, TN
(4/24/14 thru 4/29/14)

Flaming Arrow Campground, Cherokee, NC
(4/29/14 thru 5/2/14)

Midway Campground, Statesville, NC
5/2/14 thru 5/3/14)

Kampers Lodge Campground, Wilson, NC
(5/3/14 thru 5/4/14)

North River Campground, Shawboro, NC
(5/4/14 thru 5/8/14)

Parkview RV Park, Appomattox, VA
(5/8/14 thru 5/12/14)

Shenandoah Valley Campground, Mount Jackson, VA
(5/12/14 thru 5/13/14)

Cherry Hill Park, College Park, Maryland
(5/13/14 thru 5/19/14)

Hickory Hollow Campground, Rockwood, PA
(5/19/14 thru 5/23/14)

Gaslight Campground, Emlenton, PA
(5/23/14 thru 5/26/14)

Lampte Marina and Campground, Erie, PA
(5/26/14 thru 6/1/14)

Four Mile Creek State Park, Youngstown, NY

(6/1/14 thru 6/5/14)

Junius Ponds Campground, West Junius, NY
(6/5/14 thru 6/6/14)

Chenango State Park, Chenango Forks, NY
(6/6/14 thru 6/8/14)

Susquehanna Trails Campground, Oneonta, NY
(6/8/14 thru 6/11/14)

Brattleboro KOA, Brattleboro, VT
(6/11/14 thru 6/15/14)

Wild Acres Campground, Old Orchard Beach, ME
(6/15/14 thru 6/18/14)

Bar Harbor KOA, Bar Harbor, ME
(6/18/14 thru 6/22/14)

Wilderness Lake Campground, Willington, CT
(6/22/14 thru 6/25/14)

Newburgh KOA, Newburgh, NY
(6/25/14 thru 6/29/14)

Gifford-Pinchot State Park, Lewisburg, PA
(6/29/14 thru 7/1/14)

Kooser State Park, Donegal, PA
(7/1/14 thru 7/3/14)

Madison KOA, Madison, PA
(7/3/14 thru 7/6/14)

Dillon State Park, Dillon, OH
(7/6/14 thru 7/10/14)

Mill Creek COE Park, Berlin Lake, OH
(7/10/14 thru 7/13/14)

Delaware State Park, Delaware, OH
(7/13/14 thru 7/17/14)

Harrison Lake State Park, Fayette, OH
(7/17/14 thru 7/20/14)

Lakeport State Park, Port Huron, MI
(7/20/14 thru 7/24/14)

Ionia Recreation Area, Ionia, MI
(7/24/14 thru 7/27/14)
Muskegan State Park, Muskegan, MI
(7/27/14 thru 7/30/14)

Coloma/St. Joseph KOA, Riverside, MI
(7/30/14 thru 8/1/14)

Elkhart County Fairgrounds, Goshen, IN
(8/1/14 thru 8/8/14)

Ionia Recreation Area, Ionia, MI
(8/8/14 thru 8/11/14)

Traverse City State Park, Traverse City, MI
(8/11/14 thru 8/15/14)

Straits State Park, St. Ignace, MI
(8/15/14 thru 8/19/14)

Brimley State Park, Brimley, MI
(8/19/14 thru 8/23/14)

Munising Tourist Park, Munising, MI
(8/23/14 thru 8/28/14)

Badger Park Campground, Peshtigo, WI
(8/28/14 thru 9/2/14)

Marathon Park, Wausau, WI
(9/2/14 thru 9/4/14)

Lake Elmo Reserve, Minneapolis, MN
(9/4/14 thru 9/7/14)
Itasca State Park, Bemidji, MN
(9/7/14 thru 9/10/14)

Glacial Lakes State Park, Starbuck, MN
(9/10/14 thru 9/13/14)

Big Stone State Park, Ortonville, MN
(9/13/14 thru 9/14/14)

Split Rock State Park, Pipestone, MN
(9/14/14 thru 9/16/14)

Lewis and Clark Campground, Onawa, Iowa
(9/16/14 thru 9/19/14)

Lewis and Clark Campground, Rushville, MO
(9/19/14 thru 9/22/14)

Long Branch State Park, Macon, MO
(9/22/14 thru 9/24/14)

St. Louis West KOA, Allenton, MO
(9/24/14 thru 9/28/14)

Cape Camping and RV Park, Cape Girardeau, MO
(9/28/14 thru 10/1/14)
Tom Sawyer Campground, West Memphis, Ark
(10/1/14 thru 10/3/14)

Hope Motel and RV Park, Hope, Ark
(10/3/14 thru 10/4/14)
Heart of Haynesville RV Park, Mansfield, LA
(10/4/14 thru 10/18/14)

Frog City RV Park, Duson, LA
(10/18/14 thru 10/21/14)

Paula's Vineyard RV Park, Crystal Beach, TX
(10/21/14 thru 10/23/14)

Bolivar Peninsula RV Park, Crystal Beach, TX
(10/23/14 thru 10/29/14)

Village Creek State Park, Lumberton, TX
(10/29/14 thru 10/31/14)

South Toledo Bend State Park, Hornbeck, LA
(10/31/14 thru 11/1/14)
Heart of Haynesville RV Park, Mansfield, LA
(11/1/14 thru 11/30/14)

Frog City RV Park, Duson, LA
(11/30/14 thru 12/3/14)

Hidden Pond RV Park; Sulphur, LA
(12/3/14 thru 12/5/14)

Hidden Lake RV Resort; Beaumont, Texas
(12/5/14 thru 12/8/14)

Stephen F. Austin SP; San Felipe, Texas
(12/8/14 thru 12/11/14)

McKinney Falls SP; Austin, Texas
(12/11/14 thru 12/16/14)

Blanco SP; Blanco, Texas
(12/16/14 thru 12/27/14)

Goliad SP; Goliad, Texas
(12/27/14 thru 12/30/14)

Ya'll take care of each other. 
Cya down the road.


  1. Awesome pic's of the parks; really a great way to document your travels.

  2. I am enjoying all the pictures of the campgrounds. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. What was your impression of Paula Vinyard RV Park, Bolivar, Tx?

    1. Looking back to 6+ years ago when I was there, my first impression is concrete and gates. I had two reasons for choosing Paula's: 1) campsite with concrete pad and 2) were part of Passport America. I need the concrete pad to slide under my RV to lubricate my main slide. I had only been RV'ing less than a year at that time but have since realized the concrete wasn't necessary as well as the lubrication could have waited. Also, during check-in, they told me they were not a part of Passport America. I stayed a couple of nights anyhow. My preferred Campground in that area is Bolivar Peninsula RV Park. They are Passport America, grassy sites they keep mowed short, good hookups. Thanks for your comment. Are you traveling or planning??