Friday, March 1, 2024

Time to Explore the Arkansas River

 Location: Willow Beach COE Campground; near Little Rock, Arkansas on the Arkansas River

The great thing about moving frequently is within an hour and a half you can change your scenery and sometimes your mood. I've stayed here before because it is conveniently located and is a relaxing, good vibe campground. It's only a two day stop because I needed to delay arriving at some campgrounds that didn't open up from their winter closure until March 1st (today).

This is a picture of the last campground as I was getting ready to hitch up. I'm posting it as a comparison of campgrounds separated by only and hour or so. 

This is my current campground here at Willow Beach. That is a portion of the Arkansas River in the background.

The view out my back window.

While I was here I stopped at the State of Arkansas Plantation Agriculture Museum which is just up the road. It is a nice little free museum and worth a stop if you're in the area but definitely not a destination place. Their were four state workers inside and they were more interested in planning their weekend fun than seeing if an old man had any questions. Since I was the only one in the museum I thought of a question for them. I asked "what is the difference between a sharecropper and a tenet farmer"? Based on the look that three of the workers gave me, they didn't have a clue as to the answer. The fourth one gave it a shot and maybe answered it about 25% correct. Some of the people that worked with me in my previous career (before traveling) used to know that I usually didn't ask a question unless I already knew the answer. This always ensured a truly honest answer, even if it was "I don't know". If they are good state employees they should have been embarrassed that they didn't know the answer straight away and researched it after I left so they would know it for the next time someone may ask it. Judging people (yeah, I do that), I would say of the four, only one with do the research. And if I haven't lost my touch, I could identify which of the four that will be.

I had to include a travel picture. This was a road I thought was a short cut to the museum, but actually wasn't. It is also one of those roads you DON'T want to travel on in the dark of night.

I found two "thinking benches" in this campground. This is number one.
This number two bench. You have to look around a little bit to find it. It will definitely look different after the trees leaf out.

The main reason for this trip was to explore the Arkansas River. Well, tomorrow is moving day and I'll be heading to a campground that is about 12 miles from the mouth of the river which is where it empties into the Mississippi River. From that base campground, I should be able to a couple of lock/dams and one lock and dam. I'll also be camped next to the main channel of the river and be able to do some tow boat watching. 

By the way, I learned that I'm not the Lone Ranger in being pensive. It seems many people are going through that mood.

You always know you've wisely chosen your campsite when you can capture a sunset just by looking out your door. 

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road. 

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