Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Aux Arc = Ozark

Location: Aux Arc Corps of Engineer Campground; Ozark, Arkansas

This is another campground near a Lock/Dam/Powerhouse on the Arkansas River. I like the location of these campgrounds a lot because when I'm on the computer, the view out the back window is peaceful. One of the main goals for this trip was to find peace of mind, soul and body. The level of success has been above average. My memory demons have come out and played a couple of times but I was able to control them instead of vice versa. I attribute a lot of the success to the great campsites, campgrounds and weather. 

The dam and campground are located on the inside of a large bend in the Arkansas River. Since the French were some of the original western explorers in the area, they called the location, Aux Ark. Which loosely translated means "the bend", "a bend", "big bend", etc, etc. Well, the locals and people just passing through started slurring Aux Ark into Ozark which stuck. Ozark started being used for large portions of Arkansas as well as a mountain range. Who would have thought it was the Frenchy's? 

This looks like an aerial view but it is from the mountain top on the opposite side of the river from the campground. One of those white dots to the right of the dam is Liberty

This is the downstream side of the structure. That's the powerhouse on the left, then the dam and part of the lock. I had to wait until a campsite was empty in a different loop of the campground to get a picture of the downstream side. It does not appear to be any water passing through the powerhouse or gates. 

This campground is different than most other COE's. It has been about 90% full since I've been here and several of the RV's appear to be be long term stays. Usually there is a 14 day limit at COE's. It may be just because of spring break though. The extra amount of people hasn't bothered me at all and my campsite is very nice. I chose well.

I remembered to get a travel picture. Although it is just the Interstate, I'm reminded that a few readers mentioned they liked the travel pictures because it showed what different parts of the country looked like. That was years ago,

Pretty good campsite, uh? That's the upstream side of the dam in the background.
Nice daytime view of the Ozark Lock & Dam out the back window

I like this picture. It is of the powerhouse right after they turn on the outside lights. They usually come on right around sundown. You can still see the blue sky in the background. I forgot to turn off my interior lights to avoid the inside reflection. If I remember, I'll take a better one tonight and replace this one.

This bench was at the end of my campground walk. It is a comfortable bench and I used it to sort through my thoughts while catching a little rest before heading back to Liberty.

A look through part of the campground while on my walk. It gives an idea how close the river is to the RV on that side of the road.

I found an empty campsite on the other end of my loop to take a picture of the river.

I'm not sure if this sign is lit up at night but it doesn't seem to be so. That's strange, if it is important enough to see during daylight, why not at night?

This is the only decent sunrise picture that I've taken. It is taken from the doorway of Liberty. Another reason I chose this site. ** Post Edit, I added the next sunrise picture

I added this picture the day after posting. It is from the morning on moving day and is looking out of Liberty's door. Sunrise and Smoke on the Water,,,,Not bad, uh?

There wasn't anything in the area that caught my attention to explore so basically it has been a take it easy kind of stay. But tomorrow is moving day and it will be another short haul of around 50 miles to another COE. This one will be near Fort Smith with many exploration opportunities.

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road. 


  1. Fort Smith and Judge Parker.... safe travels.

    1. They probably have some gallows and a tourist attraction, but I haven't looked for it

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    1. You're welcome Barney. Good luck at getting back on the road.

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    1. Hello John. As an engineer, you would probably enjoy all of the Lock and Dam's I've seen on this trip.