Wednesday, December 6, 2023

ICW Campground

Location: Intracoastal RV Park; Hackberry, Louisiana

Today's tow was about 165 miles of mostly 4 lane highway. Parts of it was very rough and some things inside Liberty that usually ride in place got thrown around. I'm ashamed of some of the state/federal highways in Louisiana. The sad part of it is that it wouldn't be in this condition if routine maintenance had been performed over the several years as it has been for decades and decades in the past. And news flash,,,,, it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better. Jumping down from my soapbox now. 

This campground is owned and run by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury. Those four words are going to cause some readers to go,,,,"uh?" First, Calcasieu is pronounced Kal-kuh-shoe. Second, in Louisiana, Parish is the same thing as county everywhere else in the country. Third, in Louisiana, Police Jury is the same as County Commissioners, etc in most other states. 

It is a nice little campground on the banks of the ICW which is great for tow boat and barge watching and at the daily rate of only $12.00 per night. It should work great for me as a base camp so I can explore the beaches and marshes in the areas south of here. I'm curious to see how a rip-rap project on the Gulf coast is doing. It was suppose to stop some beach erosion and possibly restore some of it.

I'll also be checking out Rutherford Beach as a possible campsite on my return trip later this month.

The campsite with the ICW in the background.

This was taken from the bridge over the ICW. The state was working on the bridge deck so it was one lane traffic. It worked good at taking the picture. The campground is the area in the center-right of the picture. There seems to be an extraordinary amount of barges and tugs tied up early in the day. 

Just as it was at many of my campsites I stayed at this summer, working tow boats and barges are on parade here too.

I'll be packing a lunch for tomorrows exploration and I hope it is a good weather day to enjoy it while looking out to the Gulf of Mexico. I was even extra good when I stopped at Walmart on my way down here. I picked up some Turkey and Ham for my sandwiches. I could hear the bologna saying "buy me, buy me" but I resisted. 

Ya'll take care of each other. Maybe I'll Cya down the road.   


  1. Wow what a good spot to roam from. With nice busy waterfront to keep you entertained when home to rest. Great location.

  2. Thanks for the definition section of the post. I needed it! lol