Saturday, October 8, 2022

Almost back to Homebase

 Location: Sunrise RV Park; Texarkana, Arkansas

I'm on the last leg of the return trip from picking up Liberty2. Only about 120 miles left to go. It will be good to slow down for a couple of days cause I feel like I've been on fast-forward for a while. The trip has been productive since I've found a few things to fix and/or modify on the new RV. In RV'ing, there's always something. Yeah, I could take it to a dealer for a couple of things, but now-a-days it takes weeks, if not months, to get parts ordered and service completed. Easier and quicker to do it yourself, even if it costs a little bit. Oh well, hopefully it will keep me busy but also not prevent me from getting back on the road. 

My plan (we know how those turn out) is to park Liberty2 next to Liberty so I can move out of one and into the other. Two main items needed in Liberty2 is my old mattress topper and a new recliner. Both will do wonders for my back. I figure I will either throw away or donate a lot of stuff due to downsizing. Once I'm moved out of Liberty, I hope to sell her quickly. She has been up on Facebook Marketplace for a few months with a "For Sale Soon" sign. Well, "soon" is almost here. I've been reducing the price every couple of weeks and have had a few dozen contacts with about 20 that are serious. We will see how it goes but I won't be holding on to her in hopes of getting a higher price. Someone is going to get a very good deal.

I know these past couple of posts have been sub-par, but there has been so much new stuff swirling around in my head it has been hard to focus it into a blog. And since I'm just a simple man, I'll post a couple of pictures before showering and hitting the road.

Yep, those are cinnamon rolls. There is a R-pod Facebook group that has a bunch of fanatical members. These are hardcore R-pod fans. I've learned a few things from them since they are all open and honest about their thoughts, problems and solutions. One of their "rites-of-passage" (hazing) is to bake cinnamon rolls in the R-pod convection/microwave oven. So, not wanting to suffer their wraith, I bought an aluminum pan from the Dollar Store and a roll of Great Value (Walmart) brand rolls with cream cheese icing. Actually, they turned out a lot better than I thought they would. I look forward to trying biscuits next. Although Liberty had a propane oven, I only used it a couple times because it was difficult to use. One check mark for Liberty2. :)

This is from the campground 400 miles back. It is Boomland RV Park in Charleston, Missouri. If you're passing through the boothill of Missouri, it is a great place to stop for the night. $20 for full hook-ups. Honor system. Very convenient. I've stayed there a few times in the past. 

This is the campsite at Sunrise RV Park where I'm at now. It's not too bad, but about 1 1/2 times the price of Boomland for basically the same amenities. I'm surprised about the amount of Interstate traffic noise. There must be something wrong with the pavements.
No time for proof reading. Excuse any typo's, grammer, etc.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll CYA down the road. 


  1. Nice traveling weather it seems. Have fun safely.

  2. For whatever it's worth Darrell... When I had my little Bronco truck camper for sale this summer I put a couple "for sale" signs on it in the yard and only got a couple of nibbles, it was sitting on a busy corner so I was kind of surprised. After a few weeks I listed it on the local "Craigs list" and got what I wanted for it the next day. I don't know if it always works that way but it worked well for me.


    1. I posted it on Craig's this morning. Spam texts started 5 minutes. They lasted about an hour and then they stopped. We will see how it goes

  3. Good luck with the sale. The cinnamon rolls look good. It’s always interesting to use a new oven, no two cook the same.


    1. I rarely use an oven, other than a toaster oven, since I've been RV'ing, but this one may change that. Be safe on y'all's trip south.